Are You A Sweetheart, Or An Ice Queen?

Some of us are more warm hearted than others. We can be sweet as sugar, or cold as ice. Which end of the spectrum are you closer to? Let's see!

Question 1/10
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Have you ever worked in customer service?
Yes, and I couldn't stand it
No, and I don't want to.
Yes, and I enjoyed it.
No, but I want to.

Question 2/10
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Do you enjoy Valentine's Day?
Yes, it's nice even if I'm single.
Yes, but only if I'm dating someone.
No, it's a made-up holiday.
I don't really care one way or the other.

Question 3/10
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If you found a wallet full of cash on the street, would you try to find the owner?
Nope, finders keepers!
Of course, they might really need it.
Depends how much cash!

Question 4/10
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Which mythical creature would you most like to be?
A phoenix.
A dragon.
A unicorn.
A siren.

Question 5/10
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Did you cry during the movie Titanic?
Yes (or you think you would, if you haven't seen it).
No (and you wouldn't, if you haven't seen it).
It was so sad, but I didn't cry.

Question 6/10
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Do you feel sad if you see someone else crying?
No, that's their business.
Yes, I can relate to them.
Only if it's someone I know.

Question 7/10
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Which of these TV shows would you want to watch?
A crime drama like Law & Order.
A sitcom like Modern Family.
A reality show like The Bachelor.

Question 8/10
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How do you deal with a rude coworker?
Ignore them, I have to focus.
I take the high road and treat them nicely, even if they're being mean.
I fight back.

Question 9/10
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How would you describe your friend group?
Big, I make new friends all the time.
Small, I'm selective or satisfied with how things are.
I have one best friend, and that's all I need.

Question 10/10
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Who is your favorite superhero movie character?
Harley Quinn (okay, she's a villain, but I love her).
I don't know any!

A Total Sweetheart!
You are: a total sweetheart! Your warm heart means you are friendly and inviting, so you make new acquaintances feel comfortable and old friends delighted to have you as a companion. You would be great at lending a hand to people in need or contributing to a cause you care about.

Pretty Sweet!
You are: pretty sweet! You're nice to everyone and all your friends think of you as the most trustworthy, sincere person they know. Your feelings can be hard to mend once they've been broken, so your heart isn't always so warm - if someone hurts you, it's might get pretty icy!

Hot And Cold!
You are: hot and cold (remember that old Katy Perry song?)! You were a tough one to figure out. You're both sugar and spice, but definitely more on the nice side. You're understanding, but you don't usually let other people's emotions affect your own. You either change or mind often, or never at all.

A Bit Cold!
You are: a bit cold. You don't really see yourself as a people-person. That doesn't mean you aren't nice - to people who deserve it, that is. If someone is your friend, they know they're lucky to have made it that far.

Total Ice Queen!
You are: a total ice queen! It's not easy to get into your inner circle, but everyone wants to try. You tend to keep your guard up and wait until you get to know someone before you let your true colors shine through. Trust is essential to warming up your heart - have you been burned before?

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