Are You Mainstream?

Do you follow the crowd?

Question 1/10
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Are you outgoing?
Not really
I'm an introvert

Question 2/10
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Are you trendy?
Yes, I keep up with all the trends
I keep up with some trends
I don't follow any trends?

Question 3/10
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Are you unique?
I am the most unique person ever
I don't think I am
Not at all

Question 4/10
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Do you prefer to blend in or stand out?
Blend in
Stand out
A little bit of both

Question 5/10
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Do you have an eccentric personality?
I do
I do not
I don't even know what eccentric means

Question 6/10
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Do you have any unusual interests?
Yes, all of my interests are unusual
Yes, but only one or two
None of my interests are unusual

Question 7/10
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What kind of person were you in school?

Question 8/10
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What kind of music do you listen to?

Question 9/10
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Would you rather go to a party, host a party, or just stay home?
Go to a party
Host a party
Stay home

Question 10/10
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Do you care whether or not people judge you?
I care a whole lot
I care a little
I don't care at all

You Are Extremely Mainstream
You're definitely the type of person who follows the crowd. You love seeing what trends they may have and making them your own. You have enough personality to stand out but you prefer to blend in with the world.

You're Pretty Mainstream
You happen to be pretty mainstream at times. You have no problem following a crowd and you actually prefer blending in with a crowd instead of standing out. You don't have many eccentric hobbies or interests.

You're Somewhat Mainstream
You follow the crowd for the most part but you definitely have things about you that stands out. You do have a few interest and hobbies that could be considered eccentric and unique.

You're Not At All Mainstream
You're not someone who likes to blend in with the crowd. You love expressing your individuality and standing out. You know you're unique and you have no problem if people judge you or not.

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