Are You More Knitting Or Crocheting?

Knitting and crocheting might seem like the same thing, but these two activities couldn't be more different! Much like these hobbies, every person is either more like one thing or the other. Are you more knitting or crocheting? Are you like both or neither one! The only way to discover the truth is to take the following quiz. Let's begin!

Question 1/10
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Which season do you most look forward to decorating for?

Question 2/10
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When it comes to your bed, you most like to cover up with....
A duvet
A quilt
A comforter
An afghan

Question 3/10
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When you're chilly, there's nothing better than....
A cozy poncho
A nice scarf
A fleece throw
A warm fire

Question 4/10
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Where do you store your photos?
In my phone.
On my computer.
In an album.
In a photo box.

Question 5/10
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Every purse is a little messy. What would we find in yours?
Lots of loose candy.
A bunch of receipts.
Hand sanitizer and tissues.
A bit of everything.

Question 6/10
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When you travel, you love to bring along...
A good knitting project.
A book.
A magazine.
All of the above!

Question 7/10
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If you could make a blanket out of any color yarn, which would you choose?

Question 8/10
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You have a 50% off coupon for the craft store. What do you buy?
Holiday decorations
Organizational boxes

Question 9/10
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What's your favorite thing to do while working on a project?
Watch a movie or TV show.
Listen to the radio or a podcast.
Talk on the phone.
Listen to music.

Question 10/10
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Where do you like to make stuff?
In bed
On the porch
On the couch
At my desk

You're more like knitting! Loose, free-spirited and up for anything. You try not to take life too seriously or sweat the small stuff. When you encounter an unexpected challenge, you're not afraid to problem solve and start again on a different path. While you can be quite focused, you're also someone who likes to daydream and be creative!

You're more like crocheting! You're a total planner who likes to follow patterns or instructions. Sometimes you even feel a bit lost without a plan or set way of doing things. Not one to stray too far outside of your comfort zone, you prefer a quiet life filled with simple yet pleasurable moments. Even just looking out of your window over a mug of tea can bring you joy!

You're Both!
You're a combination of knitting and crocheting! As someone with both logic and creativity, you're always striving to take on a new project or solve an old problem. You enjoy both adventure and creature comforts, knowing that there's no shame in going with how you feel. Sometimes you like to fly by the seat of your pants and other times you love to plan. You live your life depending on mood!

Neither One
You're not like knitting or crocheting! You're a bit of a free spirit who hates to be summed up as one thing or the other. In fact, as soon as someone gives you a label, you try your best to ditch it as soon as possible. Because of this, we could never put you in a box! Let's just say, you're your own person!

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