Are You More Laverne Or Shirley?

Do you believe that you're more Laverne or Shirley? When it comes right down to it, there's no real way to lose on this quiz! Take these 10 questions and find out if you're more Laverne or Shirley.

Question 1/10
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What Milwaukee activity would you most likely engage in?
Sitting by a lakefront
Taking a factory tour

Question 2/10
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What would you attempt to order at a French restaurant?
Surf and turf
Whatever sounds the fanciest

Question 3/10
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What would you order at a soda fountain?
Milk and pepsi
Chocolate coke
Diet coke

Question 4/10
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Which hit would you choose on the jukebox?
Fabian "Turn Me Loose"
The Coasters "Poison Ivy"
Johnny & The Hurricanes "Red River Rock"

Question 5/10
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Where are you at the carnival?
The kissing booth duh
Riding the ferris wheel
Eating until my stomach bursts

Question 6/10
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Which movie would you be most like to see in theaters?
Robert Stack in 'Bwana Devil in 3-D'
Frank Sinatra in 'Can-Can'
Elvis in 'King Creole'

Question 7/10
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How do you document your day?
In photographs
By writing in a journal
By calling up my best friend to recount all of the days happenings

Question 8/10
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What's your favorite season?

Question 9/10
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What are you more apt to wear, turtlenecks or mini skirts?
Turtle necks
Mini skirts

Question 10/10
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What's your best quality?
My optimism
My sense of humor
My resiliency

Based on the results of this quiz you are definitely more like Shirley than Laverne! Much like Shirley, you are perky, positive, and a bit shy. Some consider you and this character to be a bit meek, but on the inside you've got the strength of a lion.

Based on the results of this quiz, you are more like Laverne! Much like Laverne, you are a no nonsense tough talker who can get through anything and everything. You're a loyal friend who would do anything for those you care about.

A Mix Of Both
Based on the results of this quiz, you are a mix between both Laverne and Shirley! Hey, that's not so bad! These two characters have amazing traits, combining both of them makes you truly the best of both worlds. Form Laverne you inherited confidence, from Shirley compassion and sensitivity.

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