Are You The Cool Sister or the Responsible Sister?

Every sister plays a role, but what role do you play as a sister? Are you the cool sister or the responsible sister? Ready to find out? Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal the truth about your personality!

Question 1/10
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Have you ever listened in on one of your sibling's phone calls?
Of course, who hasn't?
No way, that's an invasion of privacy.
It depended on who they were talking to.

Question 2/10
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Have you ever borrowed a sibling's clothing without asking?
Their cloest is my closet.
I'd never do this.
I did this a few times.

Question 3/10
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What club were you most likely to join in high school?
Art club
Drama club
Book club
4H Club
Debate club

Question 4/10
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You were almost always getting in trouble for...
Breaking curfew.
Staying up too late to study.
Getting average grades.

Question 5/10
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Did your parents ever put you in charge when leaving town?
They always put me in charge.
They put me in charge sometimes.
They'd never put me in charge.

Question 6/10
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What do people come to you for advice about?

Question 7/10
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Are you the oldest or youngest sibling?
I'm in the middle

Question 8/10
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How often do you check in on your brothers and/or sisters?
Once a week
On holidays

Question 9/10
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What would you change about your siblings?
How they perceive me.
How needy they are.
How uptight they are.
How directionless they are.

Question 10/10
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Do you act as a team with any or all siblings?

You're The Cool Sister!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're the cool sister! You're the spontaneous sister who is always up for a good adventure. You've never been one to lament about the rules and you're certainly not the type to worry about impressing other people. You live life to the fullest with character and personality.

You're The Responsible Sister!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're the responsible sister! You're the sister who can always be depended on to follow through, play by the rules, and accomplish the goals you've set out to meet. You're steadfast and grounded, with a deep sense of compassion and nurturing.

You're A Mix Of Both!
You're a mix of the cool and responsible sister! You're the sister who embodies both responsibility and coolness. You're confident and steadfast, with a deep love of adventure, travel, and having a good time. While you play by the rules sometimes, you're not one to worry about pleasing others or doing what's best.

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