Are Your Manners More East Coast or West Coast?

East coast versus west coast is a rivalry as old as time! Clearly these two coasts have a lot of differences; especially when it comes to manners. Ever wondered which coast your manners best align with? Are you one with the more polite coast or are you a bit more freewheeling? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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You just hired an Uber to take you to the beach. What's the first thing you say to your driver?
"Thanks for picking me up!"
"Hurry, let's go!"
"Nice weather today, huh?"

Question 2/10
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You've landed a very important job interview today. What are you wearing?
My best suit or dress.
Something casual and laid back.
A nice freshly ironed shirt.

Question 3/10
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Uh-oh, your waiter forgot that you said no-onions on your burger. What do you do?
Have them send it back.
Just pick the onions off.
Demand to be comped.

Question 4/10
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You're in traffic and two lanes are merging into one. How many cars do you let in front of you?
Zero, that's not my problem.
Maybe one, just so I don't feel bad.
As many as need to get over!

Question 5/10
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You're riding a train or bus when an elderly woman boards. Do you give up your seat?
It depends on how tired I am.
Nope, but I'll secretly hope someone else does.
Yes, of course!

Question 6/10
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You really want to listen to your music while shopping, but you forgot your headphones. What do you do?
Just play my music anyway.
Buy a pair of headphones.
Just enjoy shopping sans music.

Question 7/10
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You're borrowing your sister's car while yours in the shop. Do you return it with a full tank of gas?
Nah, she'll be fine with what's left.
Yes, it's the least I can do.
I'll put a little bit extra gas in.

Question 8/10
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Your neighbors dog has been going potty on your lawn. How do you handle it?
I start collecting the poo and putting it back on their lawn.
I call them up to complain.
I go over and have a chat with them.

Question 9/10
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What season makes you happiest?

Question 10/10
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Is it polite to ask for a knife and fork when eating pizza?
Only if it is too heavy or hot to pick up.
No, that's basically a sin.
Yes, do whatever makes you happy!

East Coast
Your manners are way more east coast! No matter where you were born or which region you call home; you have some serious east coast mannerisms. You're just polite enough to get by and tend to do things with logic in mind. You're even tempered and generally pretty down-to-earth, yet some times people just can't help but wind you up and watch you flip!

West Coast
Your mannerisms are positively west coast! Forget where you were born or the place you call home, you're all wrapped up in the fresh air and sunshine of the west coast. While you're sweet, compassionate and kind to yourself, you often forget to extend the same to others. While you are empathetic on some level, you're also a bit too wrapped up in yourself. Though you can be polite, you're definitely not afraid to speak your mind.

The Midwest
Forget the coasts, your mannerisms are totally Midwest! You have a big heart and manners your mama would be proud of. You truly believe in showing respect to all who have earned it. Even when someone crosses you or your family, you're not one to speak out or cause a stir. You leave all of that for behind closed doors!

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