Can We Guess At Which Age You Become Religious?

Some people find religion in their youth, others later in life. Not everyone finds religion at all! Can we guess at which aid you're going to finally become religious? Will there be a moment when you see the light? With just 10 quiz questions, we can reveal the truth!

Question 1/10
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As a kid, how often did your family attend church?
Every Sunday.
Most Sundays.
Only on holidays.
Hardly ever.

Question 2/10
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When you think about religion, what comes to mind?
Rules and guidelines
Church or a congregation
Faith and hope
Trust in the beyond

Question 3/10
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Has there ever been a moment in your life where you considered religion more?
A near death experience.
A life threatening illness.
The passing of a loved one.
It was the culmination of many things.
No, not yet.

Question 4/10
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Which of these virtues do you find most important?

Question 5/10
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When you were young, did you go through a rebellious phase?
Yes, don't we all?
I was a tad rebellious at points.
I think I'm still in that phase.
I was a total goody goody!
I'm not rebellious at all.

Question 6/10
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Which bible story do you find most inspirational?
The crucifixion
The rapture
The resurrection
The nativity story
The parting of the red sea

Question 7/10
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When you attend services, where do you like to sit?
Right up front.
Wherever there's an open seat.
I like to sit near the back.
Somewhere in the middle.

Question 8/10
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Which of the Seven Deadly sins have you committed in your lifetime?
Eh, none of these.

Question 9/10
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Out of all the Ten Commandments, which one is the most important to uphold?
No stealing
No killing
No coveting your neighbor's wife
Honoring your parents
They're all important

Question 10/10
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You get to teach your own religious class! Which age would you prefer to teach?
Middle school age
Any of these!

50 Years Old
You'll become religious at 50 years old! For most of your life, you've shirked off religion. It either wasn't important to you, or you couldn't wait to get away from all the religious teachings of your youth. However, at age 50, things will change. You'll start to look into religion again. Finding both comfort and a sense of peace.

65 Years Old
You're going to find religion at 65 years old! Better late than never, as they say. While you've spent much of your life avoiding religion, at 65, you'll look for some comfort and guidance as you age. Perhaps even an illness or event will bring you into the fold. Whatever the reason, you're going to find religion in your mid 60s.

72 Years Old
You're going to find religion at 72 years old! While you're a bit of a rebel, often choosing to go against the grain, you will find religion at the age of 72. This is when all of the rebelliousness will fall away. Suddenly, you'll crave the comfort and guidance of religion for all of your remaining days.

80 Years Old
You'll find religion at 80 years old! Sure, you may be taking the long way to religion, but when you find it, you'll really feel it in your soul. You never paid much attention to religious teachings, yet at age 80, things will finally come into focus. You'll crave the guidance, wisdom, and peace that only religion can bring.

42 Years Old
You're going to find religion at 42 years old! Odds are, you spent your childhood in the church or listening to parents who were quite religious. In your teens and 20s, you probably strayed away from all of those teaching and principles. But by the time you're hitting your stride towards middle age, you'll gravitate back to organized religion and the peace it can bring.

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