Can We Guess How You Died In Your Past Life?

How exactly did you die?

How exactly did you die?

Question 1/10
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Were you an honorable person?
I would say yes
I've been told so
Not that I think
Not at all

Question 2/10
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Which of these careers sound the most appealing to you?
Racecar driver
Construction worker
Fortune Teller

Question 3/10
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Which of these describe you best?
Hot headed
Absent minded

Question 4/10
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Which of these are you most afraid of?

Question 5/10
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Would you say you have high morals?
Yes I do
Not at all
I'm unsure

Question 6/10
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Are you a klutz at all?
Yes, very.
Not really
Not at all

Question 7/10
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Favorite time period?
Anything before the 13th century
The 16th century
The 18th century
Other/I don't have one

Question 8/10
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Which of these could you never do?
Work underneath a tyrant
Fight in a war
Steal from people
Lie to save myself
Being operated on

Question 9/10
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Do you ever have weird recurring dreams?
All the time
Not really

Question 10/10
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Do you believe in recarnation?
Of course
I'm unsure

Burned at the stake
You were burned at the stake for being accused of a witch in Salem. You tried your best to convince them otherwise but you could not convince the crowd. Sadly, their close minded ideals caused your demise.

Drowned at sea
You were once a well known pirate of the sea. You were feared greatly among the seas but alas, one day you fell over the side of your boat and into the water. Even though you were a pirate, you had no clue on how to swim and people were too fearful of you to help and so you ended up drowning.

Being hit by the first automobile
You possibly weren't expecting a huge metal contraption to barrel down the street at about 30 mph but it did and tragically stuck you. You ended up hitting your head on the ground and dying from it.

Fighting at war
You were depending your country during World War II and sadly while trying to defend your turf, you were tragically stuck. You fought hard but it wasn't enough to survive.

Crushed by a heavy object
One day while trying to bring heavy slabs to the pyramids, you underestimated the weight of the stone and it crushed you to death.

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