Can We Guess What Age You Became A Mother?

When did you have your beautiful child?

Question 1/10
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Did you plan to have your child or was it spontaneous?
It was planned
It was spontaneous

Question 2/10
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Who were you living with when you became pregnant?
My family
My roommates
My significant other
I lived alone

Question 3/10
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Were you facing a lot of pressure from family to have a child?
Yes I was
I was a bit
Not at all

Question 4/10
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Did any of your friends have children of their own at the time?
No they didn't
A few did
Yes they did

Question 5/10
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Did you feel prepared for you child?
Not at all

Question 6/10
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How much were you looking forward to being pregnant?
Not much at all
I was looking forward to it a bit
I was looking forward to it a lot

Question 7/10
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Would you ever consider adoption or surrogacy?
Possibly in the future
No I wouldn't

Question 8/10
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What type of parenting style do you prefer?
Helicopter parenting
Uninvolved parenting
Free-range parenting

Question 9/10
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What's your biggest parenting fear?
Killing my child
That I won't have enough money
That my child won't fit in
That my child will rebel against my views

Question 10/10
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Where would you like to raise your children?
In the city
All over the world
In Europe
In the suburbs

Not Yet A Mother
You may not yet be a mother but you can expect to have children in your late twenties/early thirties. While you may or may not be looking forward to a child, that will change once you see your smiling bundle of joy.

You ended up having your child while you were sometime in your teens. It was probably pretty difficult to have to raise a child in your teens but you know that absolutely worth it. You couldn't ask for anything better than your child.

You happened to give birth sometime in your twenties and you couldn't have been happier. Whether you were planning on it or not, you child changed your life for the better.

In Your Thirties
You were most likely planning on having your child sometime in your thirties but even if you weren't, you still feel blessed. You know that your child is a miracle and you can't help but feel happy when you see your kid's smiling face.

In Your Forties
You ended up having your child a bit later than usual but you're extremely happy to have your child in your life. You know that your child will grow up to do great things and you feel extremely grateful.

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