Can We Guess Which Golden Girl Is Your Favorite?

Which of these four women is your favorite?

Which of these four women is your favorite?

Question 1/10
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How often are you in the mood for love?
All the time
Probably every once in awhile
Not very often

Question 2/10
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Favorite type of humor?

Question 3/10
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Which Golden Girl is your least favorite?
Dorothy Zbornak
Rose Nylund
Blanche Devereaux
Sophia Petrillo

Question 4/10
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Which comfort food would you prefer more?

Question 5/10
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What's your ideal man like?
Romantic and charming
Someone who's a gentleman

Question 6/10
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What's the most important quality in a friend?
Someone that you can to about anything
Someone humorous
Someone I can rely on

Question 7/10
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What's your biggest flaw?
I'm pretty quirky
I can be a bit blunt
I tend to close myself off

Question 8/10
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Which Golden Girl Episode is your favorite?
'A Little Romance'
'Journey To The center Of Attention'
'Till Death Do We Volley'

Question 9/10
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How do you prefer to tell a story?
With lots of details
With little exaggerations here and there
Short and sweet
With a moral

Question 10/10
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Which do have the most trouble letting go of?
Old relationships
Old photos
Old clothes
Old habits

Dorothy Zbornak
This intelligent and witty Golden Girl is your favorite! She tends to be the voice of reason in most situations but always has a little sarcasm to her.

Rose Nylund
This optimistic and upbeat Golden Girl is your favorite. You like how she tends to have a good heart and will make sure to do what's right in any situation.

Blanche Devereaux
This youthful and flirt Golden Girl is your favorite! You love how flirty she is knowing that she isn't too old for love. She has a great leadership and knack for fashion.

Sophia Petrillo
This outspoken Golden Girl is your favorite! You love that she's not afraid to be blunt and say exactly what she thinks. While she may not sugar coat things, she's definitely loyal.

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