Can We Guess Your Psychological Age?

Your psychological age can be dramatically different from your real age! Do you think we can guess your true psychological age with just 10 questions? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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How often do you use a shopping list?

Question 2/10
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How do you like your steak cooked?
Well done
Medium well
Medium rare
I don't eat meat

Question 3/10
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What's your favorite kind of party?
A laid back barbecue
An intimate dinner party
A house party
A wine tasting party
I'm not much for any kind of party

Question 4/10
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What color family appeals to you?
Reds and oranges
Blues and greens
Purple and violet
None of these

Question 5/10
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What kind of gifts do you give?
Practical gifts
Expensive gifts
Homemade gifts
Edible gifts
Gift cards

Question 6/10
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Where do you like to get your coffee from?
My house
A Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts
A local cafe
A diner
It depends on where I'm at

Question 7/10
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What word do you associate with life?

Question 8/10
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Which would you like to do one day?
Scale a mountain.
Go scuba diving.
Take an acting class.
Learn how to cook.
Learn a language.

Question 9/10
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Pick a candy to snack on:
Gummy bears
Hershey kisses
Sour Patch Kids
Reese's cups

Question 10/10
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What's the last thing you think about before bed each night?
My family
My job
My friends
My life
My worries

Your Psychological Age Is 21!
This quiz revealed that your psychological age is 21! In your mind, you are highly spontaneous and open minded. You believe in giving everyone a fair shake no matter what they look like or where they are from. You're buoyant and optimistic, with an infectious energy that extends into everything you do!

Your Psychological Age Is 45!
This quiz revealed that your psychological age is 45! In your mind, you are a very bold and self sufficient person who knows how to get what she wants in life. You believe in doing things your own way and asking for what you want. You're intelligent, ambitious, and always on the cusp of greatness!

Your Psychological Age Is 16!
This quiz revealed that your psychological age is 16! In your mind, you are as fun and youthful as you were as a teen. You love a good adventure and have never turned down an opportunity to travel. You are happy go lucky and loyal to your friends. Your friendships are truly everything to you!

Your Psychological Age Is 65
This quiz revealed that your psychological age is 65! In your mind, you are wise and self assured. You've been through enough in life to understand what matters and what doesn't. You are a very warm and understanding person, with a nurturing spirit that makes others instantly feel at ease in your presence.

Your Psychological Age Is 30!
This quiz revealed that your psychological age is 30! In your mind, you are extremely confident and grounded. You haven't given up your youthful optimism, yet you understand the importance of being steadfast and logical. You're a total "yes" person who loves a good adventure and has never turned down an opportunity to travel or head somewhere new.

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