Could You Survive A Day In Audrey Hepburn’s Shoes?

Do you think you could survive a day walking in Audrey Hepburn's shoes? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover if you've got what it takes to lead a life identical to Audrey's!

Question 1/10
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What's the first thing you do after choosing an outfit in the morning?
Iron my clothing
Watch some television
Take a selfie
Write a to-do list

Question 2/10
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You only have time to put on one item of makeup. Which do you choose?

Question 3/10
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Waiting for the day to begin, you take a seat. How do you sit?
Upright with good posture
With my legs crossed
With one leg beneath me
With both legs beneath me

Question 4/10
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When you speak, you tend to be....
Very soft spoken
Louder than everyone else
The same volume as everyone else
It depends on the situation

Question 5/10
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When you're shopping for clothes, what do you have in mind?
My budget
The quality of the pieces
My sartorial goals

Question 6/10
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When you have a drink, what do you go for?

Question 7/10
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You're only allowed one bite of sweets per day. What are you taking a bite of?
Dark chocolate

Question 8/10
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Your diet is very important. What is your dinner plate mostly comprised of?
Organic veggies

Question 9/10
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In order to get around town, you love to....
Ride a bike
Hail a cab

Question 10/10
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The best way to spend an afternoon is...
People watching at a cafe

You Would Thrive!
Not only would you survive a day in Audrey Hepburn's shoes, you would thrive living a life on course with Audrey's! Much like Audrey, you understand that life is all about balance and making good choices. Sure, it might not always be a walk in the park, but keeping a routine, working hard, and finding time to stop and smell the roses if of the utmost importance!

You Would Survive!
You would definitely survive a day in Audrey Hepburn's shoes! Much like Audrey, you know that life is a back a forth. Everything must be done in moderation. You're a careful person who doesn't jump too quickly into the deep end or make decisions without fully thinking them through. From fashion to food, your life is very curated and routine.

You Would Struggle!
You would struggle to live a day in Audrey Hepburn's shoes! You're a very spontaneous woman who loves to throw caution to the wind. You love to indulge in a big meal, impulse buy, and say "yes" as often as possible. Audrey's careful and thought out approach to living would quickly leave you feeling bored and unenthused.

You Would Not Survive!
You would not survive a day in Audrey Hepburn's shoes! Sometimes you just don't know how Audrey only allowed herself one square of dark chocolate per day as a treat. With your busy life, sometimes it seems impossible to be so moderate in your fashion, food, and lifestyle choices. Though Audrey lived an exciting life, she knew how to scale back and live with moderation. Despite having having great willpower, you're not sure you'd want to live in the constraints of so much careful thought.

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