Could You Survive Marilyn Monroe’s Beauty Routine?

Everyone wants to be a bit more like Marilyn, but you could you actually survive this bombshell beauty's complicated beauty routine? It's time to find out if you have what it takes to be a true bombshell!

Question 1/10
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Which would you do upon waking in the morning?
Drink some orange juice and have a cup of coffee
Go for a quick run around the block
Do a circuit workout with weights

Question 2/10
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It's breakfast time, what are you having this morning?
Some oatmeal with berries or fruit
A warm cup of milk with raw eggs
Eggs and bacon for me

Question 3/10
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It's time to get ready! How many lip products are you using to achieve that pout?

Question 4/10
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Which makeup step can you never skip?

Question 5/10
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Which beauty step is your least favorite?
Lip waxing
Plucking my brows

Question 6/10
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How would you make your chest stand out?
Sew buttons into my bra
Stick paper clips into my bra
I don't need any help

Question 7/10
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What are you most likely to have for dinner?
Lamb chops with five carrots
Chicken with broccoli
Steak and potatoes

Question 8/10
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What dessert can you never say no to?
A hot fudge sundae
A slice of chocolate cake
Strawberries and cream

Question 9/10
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How many hours of sleep do you typically get per night?

Question 10/10
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What do you wear to bed?
Silk pajamas
My birthday suit
A nightgown

You Would Survive!
You would 100% survive Marilyn Monroe's beauty routine! Much like Marilyn, you're not afraid to put in the time and effort into being a world class beauty. You know that sometimes even the most naturally beautiful women need to stick to a routine!

You Would Not Survive!
You would not survive Marilyn Monroe's beauty routine! Though you may want lips and hips like Marilyn, you're not exactly committed to hours of preparation, grooming, and dieting. You prefer a more natural approach to makeup and beauty!

You Would Change It Up!
You would survive Marilyn Monroe's makeup routine by switching it up! You may not be willing to commit to the ten steps of Marilyn Monroe's routine, but you're not above borrowing a few of these steps into your beauty roster. You're a perfect mix of casual and glamorous!

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