Do You Know Which Female TV Journalist You Are Most Like?

Female journalists not only pave the way for millions of others, their writing, investigating, and overall presence creates impact on the world at large. Do you know which female journalist you are most like? Lets find out!

Question 1/10
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When you're not catching up on current events, what are you doing?
Playing with my pets
Spending time with family
Working out

Question 2/10
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What food craving strikes you the most?
A juicy burger
Grilled cheese
Fried chicken

Question 3/10
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Your playlist if full of artists like...
Bob Dylan
Gloria Estefan

Question 4/10
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If you could interview anyone, living or dead, you would talk with....
Maya Angelou
Pope Francis
Rosa Parks
Leonardo DaVinci
John F. Kennedy

Question 5/10
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Where would you most want to take a vacation?
Banff National Park
New Orleans, LA
The US Virgin Islands

Question 6/10
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What types of causes or charities do you tend to support?
Housing for the homeless
At risk kids
Cancer research
Early childhood education
Veterans causes

Question 7/10
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Which classic flick would you most like to stream right now?
Lawrence of Arabia
All About Eve
Roman Holiday
It Happened One Night
Annie Hall

Question 8/10
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Despite your adventurous spirit, how often do you like to stay in?
I like to stay in most of the time
I like to go out most of the time
It's a 50/50 split

Question 9/10
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What's the best way an individual can spend their time?
Bettering themselves
Helping others
Learning a new skill
Enjoying time with family
Trying new things

Question 10/10
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What website do you visit most often?

Diane Sawyer
The female TV journalist that you're most like is Diane Sawyer! Ms. Sawyer has always been known for her fairness and tough stance on injustice. Much like Diane, you may be soft spoken, but when you fight for a cause you pack a punch.

Katie Couric
The female TV journalist you're most like is Katie Couric! Much like Katie, you're tough without being rude and fair without catering to one side or another. You ask the hard questions and get the right answers. You live life from a place of passion and drive.

Robin Roberts
The female TV journalist you're most like is Robin Roberts! Much like Ms. Roberts you are compassionate, empathetic, and always looking for the helpers in life. You're not one to focus on the negative side of life. Instead, you always embrace what's good.

Erin Burnett
The female TV journalist that you're most like is Erin Burnett! Much like Ms. Burnett, you're the type of girl who will always tell it like it is. You love a good debate, especially if you're taking on someone who doesn't agree with you whatsoever.

Soledad O'Brien
The female TV journalist that you're most like is Soledad O'Brien! Much like this journalist, you're a hard worker who simply does not quit in the face of hard ship. You're resilient, strong, and always fighting for the underdog in life.

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