How Can You Look Younger Today?

Tired of looking your age? There may be a simple way to look younger today! How can you look younger in just one day? Take these 10 simple quiz questions and find out! You may just find the fountain of youth.

Question 1/10
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As soon as you wake up, your first priority is what?
Hair and makeup.
Choosing a good outfit.
Getting some coffee.
Doing deep breathing exercises.

Question 2/10
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What color is your hair?
My natural color.
A few shades from my natural color.
Whatever I felt like trying this week.

Question 3/10
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When you have to make a phone call, you....
Simply make the phone call, duh!
Rehearse what I'm going to say.
Write a script.
Pray I go straight to voicemail.

Question 4/10
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What's the most important factor to take into account when you're planning what to make for dinner?
How easy is it to make?
How tasty will it be?
How much will it cost to make?
Will others like it?

Question 5/10
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At the pool, you're probably the person:
Drinking a cocktail
Hiding inside
Wearing a big coverup

Question 6/10
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What radio station do you play in the car?
Top 40
Classic rock
Talk radio

Question 7/10
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How do you feel about aging?
It's okay.
I dread it, honestly.
I have mixed feelings.
It's a privilege.

Question 8/10
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Do you spend a lot of money on makeup?

Question 9/10
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What compliment word do you hear most?

Question 10/10
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Which do you probably spend more money on during a typical week?

Choose A New Hair Color
You can look younger today by simply choosing a new hair color! Experts recommend choosing warm tones rather than those that are ashy or could resemble gray. Warm tones add life to your face and instantly make you look vibrant!

Be More Positive
Want to look younger in just a few minutes? Opt for a more positive outlook in life! By simply smiling and enjoying life, you'll look and feel younger in no time at all. Experts have found that a positive outlook can help you to look younger, feel more fulfilled, and draw more people into your life.

Wear Less Makeup
Sometimes, less is more! You can look younger in just 5 minutes by simply toning down your makeup and going for a more natural/glowy look. Instead of a dark heavy smoky eye or cakey foundation, go for a lighter look and let your natural beauty shine through!

Change Your Mindset
Want to truly look younger? Change your mindset about aging! Don't look at aging as something terrible, think of it as a privilege. Be grateful for the life you have and what lies ahead because not everyone is granted the opportunity. Aging gracefully is the best way to look younger and feel better!

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