How Feminine Are You?

Ever wonder how feminine you come off to people?

Ever wonder how feminine you come off to people?

Question 1/10
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How much makeup do you wear on an average day?
Mascara and some lip gloss
Maybe some mascara, foundation and some lip product
A full face
I don't wear makeup on an everyday basis

Question 2/10
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Out of these items, which would you wear?
A beautiful dress
A flowy skirt
Some worn in jeans
Some comfy sweats

Question 3/10
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Are you a fan of perfume?
I wear it everyday
Yes but I don't wear it often
Not really
No, it is not my thing

Question 4/10
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Favorite outdoor activity?
Tending to my garden

Question 5/10
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Favorite way to relax after a long day?
Going out with friends
Relaxing in front of a tv
Reading a great book
Taking a nap

Question 6/10
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What's your style?

Question 7/10
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Pick a word that describes you best!
Laid back

Question 8/10
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How are you in public?
Loud and bold
Reserved and polite
Shy and quite
Depends on who I'm around

Question 9/10
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Out of these, where would you prefer to live?
In a quaint little cottage
In a tiny apartment
A nice suburban home
In a sprawling mansion

Question 10/10
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How would you say your manners are?
Pretty good
Not too shabby
I forget them quite often

100% Feminine
You are as feminine and girly as they come! You love to getting dolled up and be classy yet girly as you browse the streets for going shopping areas.

85% Feminine
You are almost fully feminine but you just can't give up some of your ungirly habits. But no worries, that's just adds to your charm!

65% Feminine
While you may not be the most feminine, you still can hold your own and dress up when its called for.

50% Feminine
You are teetering right in the middle. You're a wonderful mix of girly and down and dirty.

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