How Girly Are You?

Are you made up of frills and sparkles?

Are you made up of frills and sparkles?

Question 1/10
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What do you wear on a regular basis?
Just t-shirt and jeans
Mostly dresses
A skirt every now and then
Whatever outfit I grab first

Question 2/10
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What's your everyday makeup routine?
Just some mascara and lipgloss
A full face
Eyeliner, lipstick and mascara and some fountain
I don't wear makeup

Question 3/10
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How long do you usually spend on your hair?
Probably a couple if minutes at most
At least 15 minutes
About an hour
More than an hour

Question 4/10
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Do you own a ton of shoes?
Of course not
More than I need

Question 5/10
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You see a huge centipede cross the room. How do you react?
Scream and run away
Try to throw something at it
Pick it up and study it
Take it outside

Question 6/10
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Would you ever be caught dead in a dress?
Definitely not
I love dresses so yes
On special occasions
Depends on my mood

Question 7/10
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Do you like the color pink?
Not at all
Yes I do

Question 8/10
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Which would you rather have your date bring you?

Question 9/10
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Which of these would most likely make you go aww?
A puppy
A stuffed animal
A kind act
Seeing a classic car

Question 10/10
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Ever get a manicure?
All the time
Never have
I rarely do

25% Girly
You're 1/4th girly and you don't mind it that way at all. You have rare moments of being girly but they're far and few between.

5% Girly
You have almost no girliness in your blood. That kind of stuff just doesn't interest you.

64% Girly
You're pretty girly! You show off your feminine side more than often and you love really girly things.

100% Girly
You are the epitome of girly. You love everything that has it involves. Your personality is practically made up of sparkles and glitter.

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