How Hippie Are You Today?

Some days we just feel a bit more hippie than on others! Do you know how hippie you are today? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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Have you listened to the Grateful Dead in the last eight hours?
I can't remember!

Question 2/10
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Did you secretly attempt to go barefoot at work today?
How did you know?
I would never
Do sandals count?

Question 3/10
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Have you embraced anyone out of a sheer love for mankind since you woke up?
No way
I thought about it!

Question 4/10
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Do you currently have any smiley faces on your outfit?
Just one

Question 5/10
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The sky just looks so....

Question 6/10
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Are you currently wearing a flower crown or bandana?
Nah but I considered it

Question 7/10
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Have you driven in or been the passenger in a Volkswagen in the past 24 hours?
I can't remember

Question 8/10
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What's the man doing today?
Keeping us all down!
Cutting my paycheck
Hindering world peace

Question 9/10
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Has the word dude found its way into your vocabularly recently?
Dude yes!
No way
I think I've dropped a dude or two

Question 10/10
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Have you hula hooped today?
No why would I do that?
I have indeed
I just couldn't find a hula hoop!

Extremely Hippie
Today you're as much of a hippie as a person can be! Perhaps you're feeling a bit riled up because of the recent election and want to protest for peace. Or maybe you're just feeling like you need a break from putting up the day to day demands of "the man." Either way, you're extremely hippie today!

More Hippie Than Most
Today you are a bit more hippie than most! You woke up feeling like the world was your best friend. You threw a flower in your hair, put on your best tie dye, and alerted your entire Facebook feed to your love of humanity. You're feeling very hippie today indeed!

Pretty Hippie
You're feeling pretty hippie today! You woke up with the sun on your face and decided that the planet is truly one of the most extraordinary things. And not just the planet of course, but the people on it. You're going to spend most of your day preaching peace and doling out free hugs to whoever will acceptt them.

Somewhat Hippie
You're feeling somewhat hippie today! Okay, so you're not quite ready to break out the tie dye and go running around the park preaching free love. You are however ready to bust out your records from the 60s and hunker down for a good old listening session.

Not Very Hippie
Unfortuantely, you're not feeling very hippie today. In fact, you're pretty much feeling the opposite of a hippie. Everyone is on your nerves, work stinks, and you're pretty fed up with the status quo. You're not feeling very hippie at all.

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