How Independent Are You?

Can you hold up on your own?

Can you hold up on your own?

Question 1/10
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When you make a major decision, you tend to:
Collect advice from others and then consider it
Rely on other people to make the decision
I'm not too sure
Make my own choices

Question 2/10
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What do you think of astrology?
It's something fun
I don't care about it
A good way to get a perspective

Question 3/10
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Are you able to break bad habits easily?
Of course not
I'm not sure

Question 4/10
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What kind of job would you like?
A job where decisions are made for me
A job where I make some decisions
No job preferably
A job where I'm in power
I'm not sure

Question 5/10
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Are you good at living alone?
Not at all
It depends
Yes I am

Question 6/10
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When you're in a relationship, your partner is:
My rock
My best friend and I know I can tell them anything
The one I can vent to
Just someone to pass the time

Question 7/10
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Which describes your friend group best?
Just a bunch of people I can call to do things with
I keep in touch with friends just mostly online
A few close friends
Just one close best friend

Question 8/10
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What is your dating style?
I'm a serial dater
Always in long term relationships
Casual dater
Basically a lone wolf

Question 9/10
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Your partner is away on a business trip for a week. What do you do?
Invite friends over
Enjoy the time alone
I'm not sure exactly

Question 10/10
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Your friends cancel plans at the last minute. What do you do?
I call another friend
Go out by myself
Get a little angry
Go out and make new friends
I'm unsure

You are definitely the opposite of independent. You are a dependent person who loves to be surrounded by others and rely on them.

You are practically a dependent person but you have a bit of independence. You may rely on others but you will be on your own when it's important.

You have a perfect mix of independence and dependence. You like to rely on others but can easily rely on yourself when needed.

You are almost fully independent. You know how to rely on yourself but need help from people every now a and then.

You a fully independent person. You know you can rely on yourself easily and have no problem with it.

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