How Many Times Will You Crack Your Phone This Year?

Dropping or breaking your phone is an inevitable part of life! The question is, just how many times will you crack your phone this year? Will you shatter your phone more than average? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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Which phone type do you own?
Google Pixel

Question 2/10
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Which are you most likely to do?
Trip on a flat surface
Spill coffee down your shirt
Crack a dinner plate
Hit a pot hole
Get your zipper stuck

Question 3/10
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Can you walk in high heels?

Question 4/10
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Who do you text most often?
My significant other
My best friend
My siblings
My parents
My coworkers

Question 5/10
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People always compliment you on your....
Sense of humor
Good taste
Kind heart

Question 6/10
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Which Golden Girl are you most like?

Question 7/10
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Which animal do you look like when working out?
A gazelle
A swan
A disjointed donkey
A giraffe
A sloth

Question 8/10
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The first thing you would buy as a millionaire would be...
A big house for all of my friends and family.
A fancy new car.
A new wardrobe.
A trip to Europe.
A secluded cabin.

Question 9/10
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Are you a lefty or a righty?
I'm a lefty
I'm a righty
I'm ambidextrous

Question 10/10
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Be honest, is your phone always on 15% battery or less?

Ten Times
Uh-oh, according to this quiz, you’re destined to crack your phone at least 10 times this year! Better take out that protection plan now, because you’re in for a lot of slips, falls, and spills. You’re going to have a total year of blunders when it comes to your phone. With your adventurous nature and laid back attitude, you often forget that you’re phone is not quite as bulletproof as you’d like it to be! Remember, phones need love to!

Six Times
Whoops, according to this quiz you’re going to crack your phone at least 6 times this year! You’re the type of person who seems to get a nasty case of butter fingers whenever you’re near concrete or a pretty steep drop. Given that you love to multi-task and so many things at once, your hands are always full, meaning your phone can often get dropped, kicked, and damaged!

Four Times
Well, go ahead and take out that protection plan because this quiz as predicted that you’ll crack your phone screen at least 4 times this year. Be prepared to take pictures through a fractured screen because you’re not getting out of this year without a few dings, scratches, and bumps. Maybe don’t try to balance a coffee, cell phone, purse, dog, and child all at the same time!

Two Times
Well done, you’ve fared better than most! While you’ll inevitably crack your phone screen at least two times this year, the damage will be minor. You try to care for your phone as best you can, but everyone can get a case of butterfingers from time to time. Sure, you’ll drop your phone, but the damage won’t be too severe!

Zero Times
Wow, do you know how rare you are? You’re not going to crack your phone at all this year! Unlike a majority of folks, you’re a responsible person who has your phone well protected. You know that life isn’t full proof which means every phone should have a case, screen protector, and rubber bumper. You’re the type who always hopes for the best but prepares for the worst!

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