How Similar Are You To Your Mom?

How identical are you two?

How identical are you two?

Question 1/10
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Do you tend to make decisions based more on emotions or logic?

Question 2/10
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Who is your role model?
My dad
My mom
My grandparents

Question 3/10
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Would you say you and you mom fight often?
Almost all the time
Not at all
We do every now and then

Question 4/10
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Do you and your mom's opinions ever clash?
Of course
Sometimes they do
Rarely if ever

Question 5/10
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Would you say your mom has good taste in clothing?
Not at all
Yeah but it's not my style
I love her style

Question 6/10
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Do you go to get advice from your mom often?
I've never gotten advice from her
Sometimes I do
All the time

Question 7/10
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Which activity would you rather be doing with your mom?
Watching a movie
Phone call

Question 8/10
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Does your mom know everything about your personal life?
Of course, she's my best friend
Only important things
She's know a few things
She knows basically nothing

Question 9/10
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What would you borrow from your mom's closet?
Probably basics
A cute top
Anything and everything
I wouldn't borrow anything

Question 10/10
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You and your mom usually talk about:
Just update her on the important things
Flight details for my next visit
Work or whatever else is going on
We talk about everything

Not So Similar
You and your mom couldn't be anymore different if you tried. While you love your mom and respect her taste and opinions, they are just totally different from you. Your differences enrich your life though and make your relationship stronger.

Pretty Similar
While you may have a few differences here and there, you are pretty similar to each other. You deeply admire her and hope to inherit her same qualities. Even if you may have difference, you and your mom are like best friends.

Almost Identical
You two are so similar to each other that it's like having a twin. You admire and respect her and hope one day to be just like her. She's your role model and you hold her in high regards. Your mother has made you into the person you are today and you couldn't ask for a better best friend.

Somewhat Similar
You both have a great amount of similar and non similar ideas and opinions. You look up to your mom and hope to be like her but you're not quite there yet. You still are you and that shows in your differences.

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