Pass This Wilderness Test And We’ll Tell You What Kind Of Woman You Really Are!

Answer these 10 wilderness survival questions and we'll tell you exactly what kind of woman you are! Just what will your answers really reveal? Take these quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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You've suddenly found yourself in a dangerous wilderness situation, what's the first thing you do?
Assess the situation.
Pray for help.
Start looking for water/shelter.
Create a help signal.
Sit back and relax.

Question 2/10
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What do you always do before setting out into the wilderness?
Charge my phone.
Waterproof my shoes.
Tell someone where I'm going.
Gather some snacks.
Take a look at a map.

Question 3/10
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What would you bring along for defense?
A pocket knife.
A gun.
Pepper spray.
A flare.

Question 4/10
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During an emergency situation, how should you shape your thinking about the challenges ahead of you?
Cry a little, it's okay to let it out.
Stay positive.
Give up hope and accept the situation.
Get angry.

Question 5/10
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About how long can the human body survive without water?
A few hours
A few days
A few weeks
It's different for everyone

Question 6/10
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Where should you NEVER set up a temporary campsite?
In a car
In a dry river bed
In a cave
In the forest

Question 7/10
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What's your best shot at immediate shelter?
Building a shelter from sticks and leaves.
Finding a cave.
Building a treehouse.
None of these

Question 8/10
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If you run into a bear, what would you do?
Wave my arms and make noise.
Turn around and run.
Play dead.
Bust out some bear spray.

Question 9/10
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What should you always make sure is as dry as possible?
None of these

Question 10/10
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How long could you survive without food?
Two days
10 days
30 days
5 days

A Determined Woman
You're a determined woman! Once you set your mind to something, nothing can stand in your way. You're independent, hardworking, and fearless. If anyone could survive in the wild, it's most likely you!

A Compassionate Woman
You're a compassionate woman! You feel things very deeply and often feel chock full of emotions. Sometimes something as simple as a beautiful sunset can bring a tear to your eye! While you may not have the best survival skills, your sense of wonder and compassion would take you far.

An Intelligent Woman
You're an intelligent woman! With logic and creativity, you can solve any problem that comes your way. You have a very analytical way of thinking, which allows you to forge connections and see things that others may miss. In the wild, this is a valuable way to be!

A Creative Woman
You're a very creative woman! Even when things get tough, you know how to use your mind and think outside of the box. You pride yourself on being very adaptable and clever, even when you're taken out of your comfort zone.

A Loyal Woman
You're a very loyal woman, one who puts others before herself and always stays true to her word. You don't say things you don't mean and you live your life with pure intentions. Even in the wild, your loyalty and sense of right/wrong would allow you to thrive when others would fail.

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