Shop For christmas Decorations And we’ll Reveal Which Hallmark Movie You Are!

Pick yourself up some Christmas decorations and deck the halls. Make your choices and we'll reveal exactly which Hallmark Christmas movie you're most like! Are you a total classic in the making? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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First things first- real tree or fake tree?
Real tree all the way!
A fake tree for me please.
One of each!
Eh, no tree for me.

Question 2/10
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Pick some lights for the tree:
Mini-colored lights
Big colored lights
Mini white lights
Old fashioned white lights
Lighted snowflakes

Question 3/10
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What kind of garland will you pick up for the tree?
Tinsel or foil
Faux cranberries
I don't like garland!

Question 4/10
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Pick an ornament color scheme:
Pink and silver
Blue and silver
Silver and gold
Red and green
All of the colors!

Question 5/10
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Pick a tree skirt pattern:
Holly leaves
Polka dots

Question 6/10
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Will you pick up a Christmas inflatable?
Nope, too tacky!
Yes, I love those.
Eh, maybe one or two.

Question 7/10
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Pick something lighted for the front porch:
Light up deer
Light up snowman
Light up angel
A light up tree

Question 8/10
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Choose a novelty ornament for the tree:
Glass pickle
Family dog
Hot sauce bottle

Question 9/10
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Choose a tree topper:
Vintage star
None of these

Question 10/10
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Gift wrap or gift bags?
Gift wrap
Gift bags
A mix of both

A Christmas Detour
Based on your taste in Christmas decorations, you're "A Christmas Detour!" This film follows two travelers who become linked when a wicked snowstorm grounds their flight to Buffalo. Much like the characters in this film, you can be both stubborn and cynical. Especially when it comes to Christmas! Yet, with a bit of magic and a touch of fate, you always come around to this jolly season. Even if it takes a few plot twists to get there!

The Christmas Ornament
Based on your taste in Christmas decorations, you're most like the film "The Christmas Ornament!" Much like the lead in this film, Christmas hasn't always been a happy time for you. Loss and let downs have always been the norm, which means you tend to avoid Christmas traditions like the plague. However, with a bit of fate and some holiday magic, you'll soon rediscover the true meaning of Christmas!

Let It Snow
Based on your taste in Christmas decorations, you're most like "Let It Snow!" Much like the lead in this film, much of your life has been about success and doing well at work. Yet, no matter how much you work or strive to be the best, you always feel like your missing something. Perhaps, you could use a trip to a small town and a run in with a handsome stranger to remind you of what Christmas is all about!

A Royal Christmas
Based on your taste in Christmas decorations, you're most like "A Royal Christmas!" Much like the lead in this film, you're a hard working and charming soul who prides yourself on being humble/down to earth. You always put family first and believe that love trumps all. When the holidays roll around, you're all about celebrating the true meaning of the season with those you care for deep in your soul.

Christmas Under Wraps
Based on your taste in Christmas decorations, you're most like "Christmas Under Wraps!" Much like the lead in this film, you're a hard worker who isn't afraid to start over. Though you've always lived in a bustling city, you secretly crave small town life and a romance that's truly worth writing home about. To you, Christmas is a time when anything is possible and love is in the air!

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