What Are Your Needs?

Everybody has needs, but what makes a person feel important or secure can vary vastly. Take this quiz in order to see what your specific needs are.

Everybody has needs, but what makes a person feel important or secure can vary vastly. Take this quiz in order to see what your specific needs are.

Question 1/10
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Would you describe yourself as a positive person?
Not really
I don't know

Question 2/10
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Do you like to stand out in a crowd?
Depends on the crowd
I don't know

Question 3/10
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Which way would you turn?
I wouldn't
I don't know

Question 4/10
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What kind of kiss is the best?
First kiss
Kiss after a fight
Kiss with a stranger
Kiss with a longtime love

Question 5/10
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Where are you going to eat tonight?
My favorite restaurant
A new place that I have been wanting to try
None of these

Question 6/10
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What word would you use to describe the perfect relationship?
None of these

Question 7/10
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How many stamps are in your passport?
A few
Too many to count
I don't have a passport
None of these

Question 8/10
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Would you consider moving for a job?
If it was a promotion
If I was needed
I would just for the change of pace
I would rather not
None of these

Question 9/10
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Pick a flavor.
Surprise Me
None of these

Question 10/10
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What do you do when you get lost?
Ask for directions
Seek out a new adventure
None of these

You like things to stay the same and crave assurance you can avoid pain and stay happy. As long as you can predict what is going to happen and are not met with any surprises or unexpected bends in the road, you will be happy. You need certainty.

Uncertainty/ Variety
You are not afraid of change and crave mystery and the unknown. You wouldn't want to glimpse your future in a crystal ball but instead prefer to be surprised. You crave new experiences and stimuli. You don't like to stay in one place too long. You need uncertainty and variety.

You are at your best when you feel needed. You will drop anything if you see that your talents can be used elsewhere. You love feeling unique and important. You love it when others tell you that they think you are special. You need significance.

Connection/ Love
You do not feel complete unless you are a part of a unit. You crave that strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something else. You need to both give and receive affection. You need connection and love.

You are not one to be satisfied with staying in one place for too long. You would move anywhere for the right job promotion or to strengthen a promising relationship. You love to expand the capacity and capability of understanding. You need growth.

You have a strong sense of service and are happiest when you are focusing on helping others. You freely give your time and support to worthwhile causes. You have a special talent for seeking out people or causes that need you. You need contribution.

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