What Celestial Body Are You?

Since us humans first look toward the sky, we have been amazed by the sights and sounds that we saw up there! When it comes to the celestial bodies that leave us in awe each day, which one are you? Ready to find out? Let's take to the stars with this galactic quiz!

Question 1/10
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Are you older than you look?
Not really.
It seems that way.
I'm younger than I look.

Question 2/10
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Has anyone ever described you as "intimidating?"
Not that I know of.
On occasion.
All the time.

Question 3/10
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When you were growing up, did you fit in with your peers?
Yes, I had loads of friends!
Somewhat, I had my own quirky group.
Not really, school was tough.

Question 4/10
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Would you say that you're a perfectionist?
Yes, definitely.
Not at all.

Question 5/10
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How private are you?
I'm very private.
I'm more private than most.
I'm an open book.

Question 6/10
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Would people describe you as a "warm" or a "cold" person?
Warm, definitely.
Cold, I'm standoffish.
It depends on the day.

Question 7/10
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Do you stand out from a crowd?
Definitely and I love it!
Sometimes, but only when I want to.
Not at all and I like it that way.

Question 8/10
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In your friend group, you often play the role of....
Event planner

Question 9/10
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Where do you find beauty?
In nature.
In art.
In other people.

Question 10/10
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Do your detractors occasionally use nasty labels to hurt your feelings?
I don't have many detractors.
Sometimes, but not often.
Always, it's hard being so perfect.

Star Dust
You're star dust! At your core- you're a very wise and deep person who loves to care for others. You don't focus much on silly trends or what others think. Though the days are long, life is short. You understand that better than anyone. You're open minded and approach each day with a sense of optimism and hope.

You're most like the moon! At your core- loyalty and dedication matter most. Some people like to believe that you're old fashioned or stuck in the past. In reality, you just know who you are and what works for you. When you take a chance or a risk, it never comes without a lot of careful deliberation. You do things with a sense of purpose rather than a sense of urgency.

You're most like a planet! At your core- you're the type of person who prides yourself on being very grounded and down to earth. When you love someone or make a commitment, you're in it for the long haul. You're kind and compassionate, yet tough and resilient when you need to be. People love you for your warm heart and true sense of passion.

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