What Do People Call You Behind Your Back?

Everyone gets called a name behind their back. Can we guess yours?

Everyone gets called a name behind their back. Can we guess yours?

Question 1/10
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What's your fashion style?
Trendy and stylish
I love wearing cute clothes
Vintage / hipster
I don't care about clothes, as long as they're comfortable

Question 2/10
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Ideal vacation?
Trendy party island
Relaxing on the beach
Traveling trough Europe
Whatever is the closest
I can't go to vacation, I have too much work to do
Something else

Question 3/10
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What are you most likely to say out of the following?
Where did you buy that dress?
That guy is cute!
I got this at a thrift store
I can't go out, I'm busy doing nothing
It's like all the problems in the world have come to me!
Something else

Question 4/10
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What colors do you like the most?
Neutrals, like beige, gray, olive etc.
Bright ones, especially red
Browns and navy tones
Black or dark gray
Something else
I have no idea

Question 5/10
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If you won a lot of money right now, what would you do with it?
Probably nothing. Savings account?
I don't really care about money
I'd buy lots of old books and music records
I'll go to spa and treat myself
It's shopping time!

Question 6/10
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Pick a movie
The Devil Wears Prada
Love Actually
Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella)
I don't really like movies

Question 7/10
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Have you eaten some candy today?

Question 8/10
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Do you like going out to restaurants?
Of course, especially to fancy ones
I like going on romantic dinners
Just if they are really old or unique
Not really, I prefer eating at home to save money
None of the above

Question 9/10
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What's your favorite social network?

Question 10/10
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You're at a party where you don't know anyone. How do you act?
I approach women and talk about clothes
I look for attractive single men
I try to find one person I can talk to in some corner or I enjoy by myself
I'm nervous and don't stay more than 5 minutes
That could never happen to me, I can't remember when was the last time I went to a party
Something else

Well Dressed
You are a fashion queen and people around you recognize that. When they refer to you, they always say "the one that dresses well". Take it as a compliment.

You're fun, outgoing, flirty and friendly, and people in your circles definitely notice that. Don't take this title as something negative - flirting is a fun activity and leads to many friendships, among else.

Your fashion sense, way of thinking and favorite hobbies clearly say you're old-fashioned. You shouldn't be embarrassed of that, but take it as a good think that you have built your own style.

You may think it has a negative meaning, but people call you laid-back because of your ability to go with the flow and ignore stress. You love relaxing and don't have time for ridiculous stressful situations with other people.

Whenever people see you, you seem like you have a lot going on and maybe your problems are the main topic. If that's the case, consider taking a break and reexamining your priorities. Don't let too much stress into your life.

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