What Is Your 1970s Summer Job?

If you had a summer job in the 1970s, what would it be? Exactly how would you spend your 70's days and nights as a teen in the summer? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out which summer job you were destined for!

Question 1/10
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Pick a shoe:
Converse sneakers

Question 2/10
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Where would you most want to hang out on a day off?
A friend's basement
The roller disco
A drive in
A record store
A movie theater

Question 3/10
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What kind of person were you always crushing on?
The slacker/stoner type
The nerdy type
The jock type
The band geek
The musician

Question 4/10
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What were your parents like?
They were former hippies
They were very relaxed and easy going
They were strict
They were always on me

Question 5/10
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What's the best Popsicle flavor?

Question 6/10
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Choose a summer activity:
Making friendship bracelets
Day drinking by a lake
Watching TV
Going on a nature hike
Swimming at the community pool

Question 7/10
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Your friends would say that you're very....

Question 8/10
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What do you miss most about being a teenager?
Seeing my friends
Having freedom
Not paying bills
Looking forward to adulthood
Driving around

Question 9/10
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Choose a 70s artist:
Led Zeppelin
Fleetwood Mac
Bee Gees
Diana Ross

Question 10/10
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What's your favorite kind of summer jacket?

Ice Cream Stand
Your 1970s summer job is working at an ice cream stand! You've always been a girly girl who loves to embrace trends, socialize, and flirt with the cutest guys in class. Working at an ice cream stand is the perfect job for a sweet social butterfly like yourself!

Amusement Park
Your 1970s summer job is working at an amusement park! Whether it's doling out tickets or attending to games, you've always been a tomboy who likes to have a good time. You live for the great outdoors and aren't afraid to work long hours, especially if it meant free admission to the park! Hike up your short shorts and get your tanning oil ready, your perfect summer job is at the amusement park.

Your 1970s summer job is lifeguard! You're not the type to work retail or fast food, in fact, you'd hate to be cooped up in side all summer. You live for beach days, scouting out cute dates, and tanning for hours on end. You would have loved a 1970s summer just patrolling the local beach or pool! Get your sunscreen ready!

Camp Counselor
Your 1970s summer job is a camp counselor! Though you love kids, you're more about getting to spend time outdoors and hanging out with your fellow counselors. Perhaps, even a summer romance by the lake would have occurred! Your'e an outdoorsy tomboy who isn't afraid to get your hands dirty. You would have been the perfect camp counselor!

Drive In Waitress
Your 1970s summer job is as a drive-in waitress! You're a girly girl who loves to be on your feet and help others. You love to socialize and almost always have a clever comment right on the tip of your tongue.You live your life to the fullest and use your funds to hang out with friends, go to the movies, and score cute dates.

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