What Is Your 50’s Anthem?

Everyone needs a song to fit their life. Let’s find yours!

Everyone needs a song to fit their life. Let's find yours!

Question 1/10
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Pick a place for a date night!
Drive in movie theater
Burger joint
A picnic at night

Question 2/10
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Which word would your friends use to describe you?
Laid back

Question 3/10
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Which of theses movies would you watch right now?
Attack Of The 50Ft. Woman
West Side Story
Gone With The Wind

Question 4/10
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Are you someone that loves to party?
I love getting wild!
I love a good party now and then
I'm not a fan of parties
Not really

Question 5/10
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You get granted a wish to meet any of these people. Who do you choose?
Marylin Monroe
Elvis Presley
Frank Sinatra
James Dean

Question 6/10
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Have you ever been called quirky or unique?
Multiple times
Quite often
Very rarely
Almost never

Question 7/10
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Do you consider yourself old-fashioned?
Very old-fashioned
I consider myself modern
I would say I'm a mix
I'm not sure

Question 8/10
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Are you rebellious at all?
I break all the rules
No but I would love to be
I'm too shy to break the rules
A bit

Question 9/10
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What music do you prefer?
Rock and roll

Question 10/10
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Would you say you're an energetic person?
I'm a hyper person
Not really
Not in the morning
Yes I am

Hound Dog

This song just makes you want to get up and dance. It fits you and your upbeat personality.

That's Amore

This slow classic is something that fits you perfectly.

Bye Bye Love

This classic should be your anthem!

Love Letters in the Sand

This swoonworthy song should be your anthem!

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