What Is Your Perfect Christmas Gift?

What would you love to receive?

Question 1/10
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Do you like simple gifts?
Yes, simple is best
It depends on what it is
No, I don't like simple gifts

Question 2/10
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Do you like to read?
Yes, it's one of my favorite things to do
If I find a really good book
I don't like reading

Question 3/10
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Do you like technology?
It depends on what type of technology
Not really

Question 4/10
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Do you spend a lot of time on the computer?
Yes, I'm always online
Only when I have to be

Question 5/10
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Do you have any pets?

Question 6/10
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Are you good at taking care of animals?
Yes, I am very good
I'm okay at it
I'm pretty bad at it

Question 7/10
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Are you difficult to shop for?
I probably am, but I'm not sure
No, I'm very easy to shop for

Question 8/10
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Are you indecisive?

Question 9/10
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Do you like fancy gifts?
Yes, I love fancy everything
Fancy is nice, but it's not that important
I don't like fancy gifts

Question 10/10
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Do you usually return the gifts you receive?
No, I always keep them no matter what
It depends on what it is
I usually return gifts

A Book
While this may be a rather simple gift, it's one that you'd love regardless. You love having a new book especially because it adds to your already wonderful collection.

An Electronic
What would be the perfect gift for you is none other than an electronic. You like sleek new technology and there nothing better than having a new console or phone in your hand.

An Animal
While an animal is a rather popular Christmas gift, you know to never give or receive one if you're not ready for the responsibility of it. You actually happen to be ready for that responsibility and you want a companion you can love for years.

What would be perfect for you to receive for Christmas is actually just some money. You can be a bit more difficult to shop for so the gift of money would be perfect for you for Christmas.

Something Practical
What would be the perfect Christmas gift for you is something practical! You don't need anything fancy or something that will gather dust but rather something that will help you out in your day to day life.

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