What Job Would You Choose To Have Today?

Imagine if you could have any job you want, and make your dream job into a reality today. What would you decide to be? This quiz will tell you the perfect new career for you!

Question 1/10
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Where do you like to work?
In an office
At home
While traveling

Question 2/10
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Which would you most like to have?
The newest clothing item from my favorite store
A stay in a new hotel
The latest book from my favorite author
VIP access to a restuarant opening
A chance to explore an Italian wine cellar

Question 3/10
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Which would you most want to eat?
Fruit and cheese

Question 4/10
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What inspires you the most?
Beautiful artwork
Seeing new sights
Reading a great book
Eating a perfectly cooked meal

Question 5/10
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How do you like to sleep?
With lots of pillows and blankets
In a hotel bed
With someone else
With the window open

Question 6/10
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What channel do you like to watch?
Travel Channel
Discovery Channel
Food Network

Question 7/10
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Someone just gave you a gift card! What do you want to spend it on?
Household items

Question 8/10
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Are you more introverted or extroverted?
Somewhere in the middle

Question 9/10
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What's your go-to drink?
None - I prefer tea!

Question 10/10
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Do you like to watch award shows?
It depends on who's nominated

Fashion Designer
If you could have any job today, you would be a fashion designer! You have a real eye for style and all things fashionable. People always compliment you on your look, and you'd be great at styling for others.

Travel Blogger
If you could have any job today, you would be a travel blogger! You want to see the world and you would love to make money doing it. You could spend your life flying around the globe, taking pictures, and sharing your experiences for your many followers.

Book Publisher
If you could have any job you wanted, you would be a book publisher! You'd feel at home running a big publishing company and getting to read all those books before anyone else. You love literature and you'd be great at picking the next best seller.

World-Class Chef
If you could have any job you wanted right now, you would be a world-class chef! You are passionate about food (both eating it and making it). You would be in-demand in every five-star restaurant across the world, enjoying fame, fortune, and fantastic food!

If you had your dream job today, you would be a sommelier - a wine taster! You would love to have a leisurely career of tasting the world's best wine and being sought as an expert on the subject. Imagine getting paid to drink wine! Now that's a dream come true.

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