What Kind Of Pizza Are You?

Which kind represents you?

Question 1/10
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Would you say you have a bold personality?
A bit of one
No I wouldn't

Question 2/10
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On a Friday night, do you prefer to stay indoors or head out for the night?
Stay in
Head out
It depends

Question 3/10
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Do you have an intimidating appearance?
Yes I do
I'm unsure
Not at all

Question 4/10
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How do you usually feel about confrontations?
I hate them
It depends
I'm usually the one doing the confrontation

Question 5/10
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Are you a very traditional person?
Yes I am
A bit
Not at all

Question 6/10
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What do you hate on pizza?
I'm fine with anything

Question 7/10
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When do you usually eat pizza?
For breakfast
For lunch
For dinner
Whenever I want it

Question 8/10
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Would you consider yourself a simple or complex person?
I'm not sure

Question 9/10
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Do you like stuffed crust pizza?
It's alright
I'm not a fan
I love it

Question 10/10
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Which would you consider yourself?

Cheese Pizza
You're a rather simple person and you know that in most cases, less is more. You're a very straightforward person who usually says it how it is instead of beating around the bush.

Pepperoni Pizza
You're a rather classic pizza and it shows in your traditional ways. You prefer comfort and when you find out what you like, you rarely ever stray from it.

Margherita Pizza
You're a rather pleasant person to be around. You have a personality that just makes you irresistible to everyone around you. You're usually very clear on what you want from life and you don't like to be swayed.

Pineapple And Ham Pizza
You have a rather intimidating personality which causes people to judge you rather quickly. The thing is though, you're actually a very sweet and honest person when you look past your appearance.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
You have a rather tough personality and you're not afraid to confront people if it's needed. You're very passionate and you happen to be very own about your opinions and beliefs.

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