What Kind Of Vacationer Are You Really?

When on a vacation we all have different ways of behaving in other countries or cities. Do you know what kind of vacationer you are? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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Your friends want to plan a group trip to Japan, what do you do?
Start looking up flights and hotels immediately
Ask them if we can stay closer to the US
Agree to go without hesitation

Question 2/10
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On a given trip, you tend to book hotels that are very....
Cheap and affordable
Luxurious with lots of amenities
Safe but practically free

Question 3/10
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What sounds like music to your ears in terms of travel?
An insider bargain
A preplanned itinerary
Infinity pool
Five star restaurants

Question 4/10
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The best adventures are ones.....
That are full of romance and surprise
Taken with friends
That include unexpected detours
That are planned to a T

Question 5/10
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What's your favorite part of any trip?
The food
The shopping
The unexpected twists
The culture

Question 6/10
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What's the worst part of traveling?
When the weather is bad
The long lines at the airport
The cost
There's nothing bad about traveling

Question 7/10
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If you were to imedietly have a week off of work you would fill it with....
A quick trip to somewhere new
Lots of rest and relaxation
Lots of ordering in and doing my hobbies

Question 8/10
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What season were you born in?

Question 9/10
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What do you look up when planning a trip?
Absolutely everything
Where the best shops are
Where the best restaurants are
What the hidden gems are

Question 10/10
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Would you rather have a tour guide or explore on your own?
Tour guide
Explore on your own
It depends

The Fearless Explorer
When it comes to vacation, you're a fearless explorer! You embark on every trip with the mindset to try and do everything once. Whether it's sampling some strange local cuisine or throwing your inhibitions to the wind, you'll do anything on vacation!

The Hopeless Romantic
When it comes to going on vacation, you're a hopeless romantic! You seek beauty and bask in the wonder that new places can hold. You like to eat at the finest restaurants, shop at the best boutiques, and take in every splendid thing.

The Way-Too American
When on vacation, you're the overly American vacationer! From that fanny pack strapped around your waist to your fear of trying "weird foods," you have a hard time embracing your surroundings. Maybe just take your next vacation in America?

The Planner
When it comes to vacation, you're a planner! You like to plan out your trip itinerary to the minute. From plotting out the sights you'll hit to the restaurants you'll dine in, you like to have every aspect of your trip completely planned out.

The WIld And Free
When it comes to vacation, you're the wild and free vacationer! When you leave your comfortable surroundings, you throw all inhibitions to the wind. You try new things, embrace new cultures, and go all in on gainging new experiences.

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