What Religion Did You Have In A Past Life?

What religion did you have in a past life? Does it match up with the one you have now? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
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Which of the following religions do you currently follow?

Question 2/10
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You see religion as...
Something peaceful for people to believe in
Something that only causes problems
A good or bad thing, depending on the person who follows it

Question 3/10
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Do you meditate or practice yoga?
I meditate
I practice yoga
I do both
I do neither

Question 4/10
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Would you rather go to a religious service or study a relgion on your own?
Go to religious services
Study on my own

Question 5/10
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Do you believe in past lives?
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
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Your dreams are...
Vivid and easy to remember
Hard to remember
I'm not sure if I dream or not

Question 7/10
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When are you most likely to pray?
When I am scared
When I am in a good mood
I pray no matter my mood
I don't pray

Question 8/10
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What do you think of people who have religions that differ from yours?
I think they are fine, so long as they are kind
I think they should convert
I think they are fine, depending on what religion they have

Question 9/10
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Whether you are religious or not, what do you think happens after a person dies?
They go to an after life
They are reborn as someone or something else
They just stay dead and nothing happens

Question 10/10
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Lastly, pick a color that matches best with your idea of religion.

You were a Christian in a past life. This is obvious by the love you have in your heart and the compassion you have for others. Nowadays, some Christians don't hold these values, but you can hold these values whether you are a Christian in this life or not.

You were a Muslim in your past life. You lived life in a way that was modest, yet loving. This religion has had some bad press in recent years, but it is as loving as any other religion. You may want to explore this religion in your current life, if for no other reason than to learn more about it.

You were a Buddhist in your past life. The way you answered the questions on this quiz shows that you are full of peace, and you know how to stay calm even in challenging situations. You are kind to others, and that's what matters more than anything. You may want to try to look into this religion more. You may find that you like it!

You were a Pagan in your past life. This quiz is using the word "pagan" in the sense of belonging to a religion that has more than one god or goddess. You know that not everyone is perfect, and groups like the ancient Greeks and Romans didn't think their gods and goddesses were perfect either. Their myths still survive, try reading one for fun!

It seems as though you did not have a religion in your past life. You are a logically minded person, and even if you have a religion now, it doesn't mean any of your past lives would have. You like to stick to the facts, which is why we think you did not have a religion in a past life.

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