What Song Did Elvis Write About You?

Elvis Presley is known for his well written and incredibly catchy songs. Have you ever listened to one and felt like it could’ve been written about you? Take these 10 questions and find out what song Elvis wrote about you!


Question 1/10
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What word would you use to describe yourself?

Question 2/10
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What do you look for in a partner?
A sense of adventure

Question 3/10
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How do you handle a breakup?
I get over it and move on
I spend weeks inconsolably crying
I try to get the person back
I spend time wondering what I did wrong
I get angry

Question 4/10
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Why could Elvis never walk out on you?
Because you walked out on him first
You were simply meant to be
Your looks and your charm have vexed him
You love him tender
He can't help falling in love with you

Question 5/10
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If Elvis had ever met you, what would be the first thing he noticed about you?
My beauty
My sense of style
My air of danger
My mysteriousness
My gentle loving nature

Question 6/10
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What would you do down at the end of lonely street?
Cross to the other side
Talk to some strangers
Hang out with all of the other lonely people

Question 7/10
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If you would've been able to meet Elvis, what would you have said to him?
Love me tender...
Take my hand...
Down at the county jail...
Well since my baby left me...
We can't go on together...

Question 8/10
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What are your thoughts on peanut butter and banana sandwiches?
Depends on my mood

Question 9/10
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How trustworthy are you?
Very trustworthy
I tell a white lie every now and then
If I'm being honest...don't trust me
Somewhat trustworthy

Question 10/10
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Would Elvis want anyone else but you?
Possibly, which makes me angry
No, he's only got eyes for me
Yes, and I suspect I know who
No way, he can't help falling in love with me
Yes, but only because I sent him to the heartbreak hotel

Love Me Tender

The Elvis song that could've been written about you is "Love Me Tender." This well loved 1956 hit truly speaks to your personality. You are a hopeless romantic who dreams of soul-mate level love. You truly treasure and value having a partner and show that through your affection and creativity.

Can't Help Falling In Love

The Elvis song that could've been written about you is "Can't Help Falling In Love." Much like this beloved classic, you are a kind, passionate, and affectionate. You are a giving and tender soul who loves to give yourself to others. You can't help but be the one who loves more.

Jailhouse Rock

The Elvis song that could've been written about you is "Jailhouse Rock." Upbeat and raucous, this song knows how to have a good time, much like yourself. You are a fun loving individual who has no problem getting down and being the life of the party.

Heartbreak Hotel

The Elvis song that could've been written about you is "Heartbreak Hotel." You are a sensitive soul who truly mourns the loss of any kind of relationship. You value you others and feel down if rejected.

Suspicious Minds

The Elvis song that could've been written about you is "Suspicious Minds." You are an outgoing and loving personality, but you can sometimes let your worries get the best of you. Like so many of us, a single thought can cause a tidal wave of insecurity. But as a secure individual, your logic always kicks in and you pull through in the end.

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