What Temper Type Matches Your Personality?

Are you an explosive anger or a quiet brewing type?

Are you an explosive anger or a quiet brewing type?

Question 1/10
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Do you get into fights often?
At least every other day
Quite a bit
Not too much
Very rarely

Question 2/10
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Someone tells you an offensive joke, how do you react?
Get offended and heated
Get hurt and become quiet
Become agitated
Just ignore them

Question 3/10
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While ordering food, you get home only to realize they messed up your order. What do you do?
Drive back in a rage, cursing and demanding a refund
Drive back and calmly tell them
Scream and curse about it but do nothing
Don't even bother about it

Question 4/10
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You were just cut off when it was your right a way. What do you do?
Honk and scream obcenties at the car
Honk your horn multiple times
Quietly give them a rude gesture
Just mumble under your breath

Question 5/10
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You were handed the wrong change back and while explaining it, the cashier tells you that you are wrong. What do you?
Get in the cashier's face and start yelling
Demand to see a manager
Calmly try to explain it
Mumble under your breath

Question 6/10
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How do you usually take out your anger?
Doing exercise
Doing something creative to express emotion
Try to talk it out

Question 7/10
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Has your temper ever gotten you in trouble?
All of the time
Quite often
Not as much as it should
Not really

Question 8/10
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Your significant other forgets your birthday. What do you do?
You burst into angry tears
You start cursing at them
You give them the silent treatment

Question 9/10
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How much do you curse?
Every day
At least every other day
Whenever I'm mad
Not very often

Question 10/10
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How often do you feel angry?
All the time
More than what's healthy
At least a few times a week
I don't know exactly

Explosive Temper
You got explosive temper! When ever you get mad, it's like someone shook you up. You can't help but shout at anyone in your path.

Sporadic Temper
You got sporadic temper! Your anger is hard to predict, never knowing when it will come. When it does erupt though, people better stay clear.

Sassy Temper
You got sassy temper! When your temper is sparked, you an anger that comes with sassy words. You like to give your beatdowns verbally.

Patient Temper
You got patient temper! While you may get agitated easily, your usually quite patient and so your temper usually doesn't show. Waiting to see your temper is like watching a tree grow as it takes forever. When your temper peak though, people better watch out.

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