What Temperature Zone Should You Live In Based On Your Personality?

Which of the temperature zones should you live in based on your personality? Would you do best in somewhere hot and sunny, or will you do the best in the snow? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
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Which temperature zone do you currently live in?
Polar zone
Temperate zone
Tropical zone

Question 2/10
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Have you ever live in another temperature zone?
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
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There is a blizzard outside! What do you do?
Stay safe and warm inside
Play outside in the snow
Continue with my day as I normally would

Question 4/10
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You get to take a cruise! What time of cruise would you want to take?
An Alaskan cruise
A Mediterranean cruise
A Caribbean cruise

Question 5/10
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Which summer activity do you like the most out of these?
Going to the beach
Staying inside to avoid getting sunburned

Question 6/10
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What is your favorite season?

Question 7/10
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You are walking home when you get caught in the rain. What do you do?
Duck inside of a business to stay dry
Call a cab to drive me home
Walk home. I love the rain!

Question 8/10
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Pick your favorite drink out of these.
Hot cocoa

Question 9/10
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Do you need to live in a place with all four seasons to be happy?
I don't know

Question 10/10
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Pick your ideal temperature to go outside.
32°F or below

Polar Zone
The polar zones are near the north and south poles. These areas are extremely cold all year round, which is why it would be the perfect place for you to live in. The chilly temperature will allow you to have snowball fights every day or to stay comfortable indoors next to a roaring fire. Either way, this is the perfect temperature zone for you to live in.

Northern Temperate Zone
The northern temperate zone lies below the north pole but above the northern tropical zone. In this area, all four seasons can be enjoyed, even though winter may last longer than summer in some places, but that'll be just fine for you! You are sure to enjoy all of the winter sports and the summer fun that this zone has to offer!

Northern Topical Zone
The northern tropical zone is beneath the northern temperate zone and above the equator. This zone is warm for most of the year. It is pretty much summer all of the time! This is why it is perfect for you! Your sunny personality if sure to love to the sunshine in this temperature zone!

Southern Tropical Zone
The southern tropical is below the equator and above the southern temperate zone. This area is warm for most of the year. This is also the part of the globe that is known for its jungles and deserts. It rains a lot in this area. You are the kind of person to dance in the rain instead of cry about it, which is why this temperature zone is perfect for you!

Southern Temperate Zone
The southern temperature is below the southern tropical zone and above the southern polar zone. This area has the seasons, but they are in the opposite order that they occur in the northern hemisphere. This area does not have much land to it. It covers the southern tip of South America, African, and Austrailia. You would be sure to love to live in any of these places, which is why this temperature zone best fits you!

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