What Type Of Facebook User Are You?

Every Facebook user has a distinct personality that comes through in their posts. Do you know what kind of Facebook user you are? Are you ready to find out? Take these 10 questions and see what kind of Facebook user you truly are!

Question 1/10
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How often do you log onto Facebook?
I have it open almost all of the time
Every few hours
When I need to share something
Every few days

Question 2/10
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Have you ever liked somebody's Facebook photo from 2006... in 2014?
Guilty as charged
Once by mistake
Wait....Facebook existed in 2006?

Question 3/10
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How often do you post vague hard to decipher status updates?
That's how I roll
When I want to see who is paying attention
When I need someone to pay attention
Hardly ever

Question 4/10
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How often do you play games on Facebook?
All of the time I love posting my high scores
With some close friends
No I don't like them
If I'm invited I will play them

Question 5/10
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What type of pictures do you typically post?
Political Memes
Selfies of course
Conspiracy theories
Photos of my day to day life
My recent trip

Question 6/10
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How many Facebook friends do you have?

Question 7/10
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How would you end a relationship on Facebook?
I would type a really lengthy breakup post
I would simply end our relationship in my status
I would bash my ex every couple of days

Question 8/10
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What annoys you most about Facebook?
Looking at pictures of other people's food
The lengthy rants

Question 9/10
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Do you use any other social media sites?
I use them all

Question 10/10
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Which political party do you belong to?
None of these

The Conspiracy Theorist
You're a conspiracy theorist on Facebook! While you might not want to admit it, you're the person who constantly posts conspiracy theories, gossip, and general news. You secretly hope to educate your feed on the secret world of conspiracies that you've come to love!

The Political Activist
You're a political activist on Facebook! We bet you've been posting quite a bit lately. With an upcoming US election you're on a true political rant kick. From sharing articles to your own personal opinions to political YouTube videos, you like to make your politics known on Facebook! We just hope your feed is in the same party as you!

The Eternal Optimist
You're the Facebook eternal optimist! You're the type to brighten everyone's day on Facebook. You not only share optimistic articles and quotes, but you love to comment on other people's posts in an attempt to brighten their day. We think you're the best kind of Facebook user!

The Joke Forwarder
You're a classic Facebook joke forwarder! How many jokes are currently in your arsenal? We're guessing a lot. You love to forward and share jokes on Facebook, even if no one likes your post. You generally get a kick out of just putting a little laughter onto the web. We think that's fantastic!

The All Sharing Tourist
You're the all sharing tourist! Is your Facebook post history 90% photos of your last trip? We thought so. You love to share your travels on Facebook. Every aspect of your trip is chronicled on your timeline for all to see. Tread lightly young traveler, others may become envious of your globetrotting life!

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