What Type Of Manager Are You?

How do you look after your employees?

Question 1/10
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How comfortable are you taking management risks?
Very comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
I'm not sure
Somewhat uncomfortable
Very uncomfortable

Question 2/10
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Is your employees happiness important to you?
It's very important
It's somewhat important
It's not important

Question 3/10
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If something is going to miss the deadline, what do you usually do?
I pitch in to help get it done
I investigate the delay of the project
I take the blame for the deadline
I blame my employees for it

Question 4/10
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Which word best describes the demeanor of your team?

Question 5/10
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Are you tough on your workers?
I'm very tough
I can be
No I'm not

Question 6/10
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Do you believe you and your team are equals?
Yes I do
I'm not sure
No I don't

Question 7/10
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What's your favorite employee trait?
Someone who constantly needs my reassurance
Someone who follows orders well
Someone who's organized
Someone who's self-sufficient

Question 8/10
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What is your management style?

Question 9/10
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Do you like being in charge of others?
Of course
It depends
Not really

Question 10/10
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Would you consider yourself organized?
Yes I would
No I wouldn't

Problem-Solving Manager
You are a hard-working individual and you're always looking for ways to achieve your goals. You're not afraid to take charge of a situation especially one that may be quite chaotic.

The Pitchfork Manager
You tend to give out assignments in a ruthless manner. You may come off very brash and ruthless but you are doing what you do in order to get great results. It's not that you want to be cold, you just know that leading something great requires it.

The Sporadic Manager
You don't usually have anything planned ahead of time and instead you dash around doing things. Because of this, you tend to be pretty unprepared in certain situations. You're also always looking for new ways to improve upon yourself.

The Perfect Manager
You seem to have all the wonderful qualities that others look for in a manger. You know how to get the current tasks at hand done without being too ruthless about your way of going about it.

The Passive Manager
You want to do one thing as a manager and that's make others happy. It's a very admirable goal but it can sometimes get in the way of your traits.

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