What Would You Do If You Were Melania Knauss-Trump?

Melania Knauss-Trump will officially be the first lady of the United States on January 20th, 2017. What would you do if you were in her shoes? Let's find out1

Question 1/10
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Do you pay attention to what others say or think about you?

Question 2/10
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Do you stand up for yourself?
No I'm very non confrontational
I always stand up for myself
It depends on the day

Question 3/10
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If your husband was president of the United States, what role would you want to have?
I'd want to be the supportive wife
I'd support my husband but work on causes of my own
I'd work on my passion projects

Question 4/10
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The spotlight tends to make you feel....
Very alive

Question 5/10
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Which would you least like to do?
Give a speech
Kiss some babies
Stand on the sidelines
Nothing at all

Question 6/10
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How do you usually react to bad luck?
I shrug it off
I dwell on it
I make peace with it and move on

Question 7/10
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You could never leave the house looking less than.....

Question 8/10
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Does negative feedback tend to get you down?

Question 9/10
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How often do you cry?
More than I'm willing to admit
Every couple of weeks
Not very often

Question 10/10
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Do you often speak before you think?
I never do this

Panic, Run, Panic
If you were Melania Trump, you'd be in full on panic mode right now. Perhaps you didn't realize just how difficult the whole being first lady thing really is. Or maybe you're already starting to feel the harsh glare or the presidential spotlight.

Take A Deep Breath And Hang On
If you were Melania Trump, you'd be taking a deep breath and hanging on for dear life. Sure, you've survived the campaign, but being the president's wife is the hard part. Not only will Melania have to support her husband during this difficult transition, but she'll receive a lot of criticism in her own right.

Savor Every Moment
If you were Melania Trump you'd be savoring every minute of this new and exciting venture. After all, not every woman gets to be the first lady of the United States. The best course of action is to take a deep breath and roll with the punches.

Be Supportive And True Blue
IF you were Melania Trump, you'd spend your days supporting your husband and being as true blue as possible. You'd stay under the radar, making sure not to make any waves or ripples that could potentially detract from a smooth transition.

Demonstrate Your Worth
If you were Melania Trump you'd spend the next few months helping America to realize that you're more than just a pretty face. You'd exert your strength, intelligence, and humor to cast a beautiful light on yourself. After all, no one is as one sided as the media makes them seem.

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