What Would Your Great Grandfather Like To Tell You?

What would he like to tell you from the bottom of his heart?

Question 1/10
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Have you ever met your great grandfather?
Yes I have
No I haven't

Question 2/10
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How difficult was your childhood?
Very difficult
It was tolerable
It was pretty easy

Question 3/10
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Do you have any regrets?
Who doesn't
I try not to have any
No I don't

Question 4/10
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Do you talk frequently with your family?
Yes I do
We talk occasionally
We don't talk at all

Question 5/10
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Are you married?
Yes I am
I will be soon
No I'm not

Question 6/10
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Do you have any children?
Yes I do
No I don't
I will soon

Question 7/10
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When did you move out?
At 18

Question 8/10
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How would you describe your childhood?

Question 9/10
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Have you made a ton of mistakes in your life?
Yes I have
I've tried not to
No I haven't

Question 10/10
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Do you believe you grew up well?
Not at all
I grew up decently
Yes I have

I'm Proud Of You
While you may or may have not ever met your great grandfather, the feeling still stands. He has seen you grow up into an amazing person and he just wishes he could tell you how proud he is of you.

I Love You
Your great grandfather may have never been in your life or at least for very long but your great grandfather wants to tell you how much he loves you. You're his great grandchild and you mean the absolute world to him.

I Believe In You
While you may have felt like the world is against you, your great grandfather has always believed in you. Even if he's not of this earth anymore, he will always stand by your side and believe that you'll do great.

I Won't Think Less Of You For Your Mistakes
It's easy to beat yourself up when you make a mistake but your great grandfather wants to let you know not to worry about it. He believes in you greatly and knows you're no less of a human because of your mistakes.

You're Beautiful
You have a beautiful soul and while you may not be able to see it, your great grandfather surely can. He has no trouble looking beyond everything else and seeing the beauty in you.

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