What’s Inside Your Fortune Cookie?

Time to crack it open and see your fortune!

Time to crack it open and see your fortune!

Question 1/10
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Would you rather eat Chinese food at home or in a restaurant?
In a restaurant
At home
I don't care

Question 2/10
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How's life been treating you lately?
It's been great
It's been pretty good
It could be better
Not the best

Question 3/10
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Is there anything you're looking for in life currently?
Something I lost

Question 4/10
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Would you say you eat Chinese food often?
All the time
Not usually

Question 5/10
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Time to pick your meal! What would you like for an appetizer?
Egg roll
Pork bun
Fried tofu

Question 6/10
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What tea would you like?
Green tea
Black tea
Herbal tea
Jasmine tea
Oolong tea

Question 7/10
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Which soup sounds good to you?
Egg drop soup
Hot and sour soup
Wonton Soup
Noodle soup
Seafood soup

Question 8/10
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Would you prefer to use a fork or chopsticks?

Question 9/10
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What would you like for your entrée?
Sesame chicken
Chicken chow mien
Moo shu pork
Tofu fried rice
Mongolian beef

Question 10/10
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Would you like rice with it?
Brown rice
White rice
White rice with pork
Brown rice with pork
No rice

Something You Lost Will Soon Be Found
Just like it says, you will soon come across something you lost. Whether it's a physical object or a feeling you've lost, you'll stumble across it soon enough.

You Will Soon Be Invited To An Exciting Event
Just like it says, an exciting event is in your future. While you may or may not know what it is , just make sure you're prepared!

The One You Love Is Closer Than You Think
Just as it says, the one you truly love is by your side whether you realize it or not. If you haven't confessed your love to them yet, now is your chance!

You Will Live A Long And Happy Life
What's in store for you is not short of a long and happy life. You will find peace in your life and will soon have no regrets as you live out your life the way you want.

Sun Always Shines After A Downpour
You may have been going through some rough things in your life but the bright side is approaching. While things may seem bleak, something great is waiting for you.

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