What’s Your Creative Type?

Every single person on earth has a creative type. Even if you don't think of yourself as a particularly creative person, you too have a creative type! What's your unique creative type? With just 10 simple quiz questions, you can get to the root of your creativity. Ready? Begin!

Question 1/10
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What do you require when traveling?
Something else

Question 2/10
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What does your brain spend the most time doing?
Solving problems.
Zoning out.
Something else.

Question 3/10
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I tend to see life as...
Fair and balanced.
A journey.
A story unfolding.

Question 4/10
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Are you a ruler or a scribble?
A ruler.
A scribble.
Something else.

Question 5/10
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If given the choice, you would rather be in...
A cacoon
A beehive
A bear den
A bird's nest
Something else

Question 6/10
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You're standing at the edge of a pool. Do you dip a toe in or dive in head first?
Dip a toe in.
Dive in headfirst.
Dip a foot in.
Gradually lean in.

Question 7/10
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Think of your soul as a door. Is it usually closed or wide open?
Wide open
Slightly ajar

Question 8/10
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Your phone requires an update. Which choice do you make?
Update now
Remind me tomorrow
It depends

Question 9/10
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When something happens, your first question is always...

Question 10/10
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What do you believe is your secret weapon?

The Maker
You're a maker. When it comes to creativity, you like to express yourself by making tangible things. We're not just talking about simple crafts, but complex projects that require a lot of planning and logistics. You're creative, but also logical and analytical.

The Idealist
You're an idealist! Your creativity comes from a place of pure imagination. You tend to daydream more than the average person, often picturing how things could be one day rather than seeing them for what they are. To you, the world is a rich and colorful place full of possibility.

The Adventurer
You're an adventurer! When it comes to creativity, you're the type who is always thinking outside of the box. You see art or creative opportunities in places no one else would ever look or see them. To you, thinking abstractly is just second nature.

The Thinker
You're the thinker! When it comes to creativity, you're very artistic in thought. You have big thoughts and even bigger questions. You create meaning out of thin air and can always find a purpose in anything. As a very deep thinker, the world is one big philosophical question.

The Crafter
You're the crafter! When it comes to creativity, you're able to make beautiful projects and usable items by simply using a bit of imagination. Where others see nothing, you see art or potential. Your ability to craft and create is second to none.

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