What’s Your Signature Lucille Ball Trait?

Lucille Ball was known for her amazing comedy, facial expressions, and epic acting. Do you know what your signature Lucille Ball trait is? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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When someone tells you no, what do you do?
I do it anyway
I try to do it in secret
I simply don't do it

Question 2/10
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Gossip is best .....
Spread around
Paired with hyperbole
Not engaged in

Question 3/10
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In another life you were probably....
The first female pilot
A famous actress
A circus clown

Question 4/10
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When it comes to schemes....
I'm the one coming up with them
I'm the one going along with them
I don't partake in schemes

Question 5/10
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Which chocolate do you prefer?

Question 6/10
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Have you ever longed to be famous?

Question 7/10
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Which TV show would you most like to watch on a rainy afternoon?
Laverne and Shirely
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Question 8/10
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Your only task is to wrap the chocolate as it comes down the belt. What do you do?
Eat the chocolate obviously
Stuff the chocolates in my bra
I'd wrap the chocolates

Question 9/10
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Where would you most like to go?
New York
Los Angeles

Question 10/10
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Which word best describes you?

Her Tenacity
The Lucille Ball trait that you have is her amazing tenacity. Much like Ms. Ball, you never take no for an answer. When you believe in something, you believe it all the way. You'd never let anyone tell you that something isn't possible. You're a true glass ceiling cracker if ever there was one.

Her Impeccable Wit
The Lucille Ball trait that you have is her impeccable wit! When one thinks of Lucille Ball, the first thing that comes to mind is her incredible comedic timing and wit. Much like Lucille, you've got a comeback for everything right on tip of your tongue. Never change funny one!

Her Ambition
The Lucille Ball trait that you have is her ambition! Not only did Lucille pave the way for all female comedians, but she was the first woman to ever run her own television studio. Much like Lucille, you've got big dreams and you totally plan on making them a reality.

Her Mothering Skills
The Lucille Ball trait that you have is her amazing mothering skills. Lucille was the first actual pregnant woman to have played da pregnant woman on TV. After her baby was born, Lucille was known for her loving and nurturing attitude towards her little one.

Her Unique Beauty
The Lucille Ball trait that you have is her unique beauty! Lucille was truly one of a kind. From her beautiful red hair to her big gorgeous blue eyes, Lucy was truly a beauty. Though she may not have been the most conventionally beautiful woman; her spirit, style, and overall attitude make her one of the most gorgeous women to have ever graced the earth.

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