Which 1970’s Female Icon Are You?

Which fashion icon do you happen to be just like?

Question 1/10
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What is your goal when you get dressed?
To stand out
To make others envious
To express my individuality
I don't really have a goal

Question 2/10
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How would you style your hair?
Pixie cut
Short bob
Long and pin straight
Beachy waves

Question 3/10
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What type of shoe could you see yourself wearing?
Combat boots
Platform shoes

Question 4/10
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Which accessory could you see yourself wearing?
Fur coat
Wide-brimmed hat
Leather jacket
Retro sunglasses

Question 5/10
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How would you describe your style?

Question 6/10
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Are you materialistic at all?
Yes I am
I am a bit
No I'm not

Question 7/10
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Would you consider yourself an outgoing individual?
Yes I am
Not really
Not at all

Question 8/10
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Where do you spend most of your time?
Out and about
At home
At work

Question 9/10
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What pace do you usually live life at?

Question 10/10
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Do you follow trends at all?
All the time
I usually start them
Not at all

Bianca Jagger
There was something about the way she dressed that just drew everyone in. She always seemed to be starting trends and could transform an outfit with a glamorous touch.

Jacqueline Kennedy
You like a more simple and traditional outlook to life compared to an extravagant one. You have a kind heart and you're always looking to help those in need.

Debbie Harry
Known as the godmother of the New York punk scene, she had a rather tough outlook on life. Just like her, you couldn't care what anyone thinks and that definitely shows through with your outfits.

Jerry Hall
Just like one of the first supermodels, you know how to keep heads turning. You love to be in the spotlight and you'll do almost anything to stay in it. You have a bold personality and you're not afraid to say what you need to.

Ali Macgraw
Just like this actress, you have a rather down-to-earth personality and you tend to be really tranquil about decisions you make. You like to live in the moment instead of worrying about the future.

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