Which Bombshell Brunette Are You?

These iconic brunettes lit up the screen and made hearts beat just a little bit faster! Do you know which bombshell brunette you are? It's time to find out! Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out which classic brunette you actually are!

Question 1/10
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Which city would you most like to live in?
New York
Los Angeles

Question 2/10
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How do you make a lasting impression?
With my intelligence
With my style
With my wit
With my charm
With my eyes

Question 3/10
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What word would use to describe yourself?

Question 4/10
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Does great risk always yield great reward?

Question 5/10
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What's the first thing the opposite sex would notice about you?
My eyes
My smile
My hair
My style
My laugh

Question 6/10
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What were you like as a child?
Deeply inquisitive
Curious and playful
Shy and reserved
Rebellious and assertive
Innocent and awestruck

Question 7/10
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Which man would you love to cozy up with?
Richard Burton
Clark Gable
Cary Grant
Humphrey Bogart
Jimmy Stewart

Question 8/10
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What do you want people to say at your funeral?
That I was very kind
That I was one of a kind
That I was legendary
That I was a true star
That I was a jack of all trades

Question 9/10
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What makes you angry?
Bad service
Poor etiquette
Bad driving
Being accused unjustly

Question 10/10
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Are you a good judge of character?

Vivien Leigh
The brunette bombshell you are most like is Vivien Leigh! With her shock of dark black hair and bright blue eyes, Vivien was a bombshell unlike any other. Much like this iconic brunette, you possess an air of mischief and mystery that others are instantly drawn to!

Elizabeth Taylor
The brunette bombshell that you are most like is Elizabeth Taylor! With piercing violet eyes, fair skin, and a wave of dark hair, Elizabeth could always make hearts flutter in excitement. Much like this bombshell, you are a complex woman with many sides! No one can pin you down or declare you to be just one thing.

Jane Russell
The brunette bombshell that you're most like is Jane Russell! As one of the most iconic sex symbols of all time, Jane had the power to captivate anyone and everyone. Much like this bombshell, you're all about making a good first impression. Not only are you always put together and dressed to the nines, but you have the charm to make anyone your instant best friend (or lover)!

Sophia Loren
The brunette bombshell that you're most like is Sophia Loren! Sophia was the bombshell to end all bombshells. Not only did she famous say her figure was earned through spaghetti, but she didn't take her job or her life too seriously. Much like this brunette, you're easy going, relaxed, and love to enjoy the simple things in life!

Ava Gardner
The bombshell brunette that you're most like is Ava Gardner! Much like this famed brunette you're whip smart and beautiful. You're a complex woman who loves to excel at many things rather than only being good at one thing. You're stylish, smart, and witty! In other words, you're the total bombshell package.

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