Which Classic Actor Could Be Your Father?

Do you know which iconic actor from the past could play the part of your father? Take these 10 question and find out which classic actor could be your father!


Question 1/10
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When you make a mistake, you're most likely to___________.
Get angry
Get frustrated
Learn from it and move on
Have a panic attack
Not let it get to me

Question 2/10
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As a child, your dad expressed anger by?
Getting very quiet
Retreating to be alone
Doing DIY
He didn't get angry

Question 3/10
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When you hit the dance floor, what are your moves like?
Painfully dorky
Cool and smooth
Awkward and dated
Simply amazing

Question 4/10
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What role do you play in your family?
I'm the sensitive one
I'm the humorous one
I'm the smart one
I'm the stubborn one
I'm the moody one

Question 5/10
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How do you most like to express yourself artistically?
Through music
Through writing
Through painting/drawing
Through humor
Through crafting

Question 6/10
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What wisdom did your dad most often share?
Do the right thing
Be kind
Stand up for yourself
Enjoy life
Always ask for more

Question 7/10
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How prone are you to telling long drawn out stories?
I'm the queen of long drawn out stories
I never tell long drawn out stories
I only go there if I'm drinking

Question 8/10
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Where would you most like to have lived in the 1940s?
Los Angeles
Martha's Vineyard
New York
Key West

Question 9/10
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What kind of advice are you good at dishing out?
Love advice
Life advice
Money advice
Wine advice
Book advice

Question 10/10
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When on a family road trip, what was your father's main priority?
Making good time
Having fun
Seeing the sights
Singing as loudly as possible

Gregory Peck
The classic actor that could be your father is screen legend Gregory Peck! Not only is Peck known for his amazing acting chops, but he is known for being a gentle soul with a good heart. Peck is highly charitable and a man of character. Given your high morals, we think Peck is your perfect fit!

Paul Newman
The actor that could play the role of your father is Paul Newman! Newman may be known for his dashing good looks, but he was also reportedly an amazing father as well. Newman lived a full and adventurous life. From his philanthropic work to his race car driving, this actor is the perfect fit for an adventure junkie like yourself.

Clint Eastwood
The actor that could be your father is Clint Eastwood! We think that sometime's Dad's should be a little rough and tumble. Not only so they can protect their kids, but because it's a lot of fun seeing a macho man crumble like a cookie at the sight of his kids. We think this tough actor is the perfect fit for a sensitive soul like yourself.

Jimmy Stewart
The actor that could be your father is Jimmy Stewart! Stewart was widely known for his awesome acting ability and charming personality. He is a bit of a goofy guy with a love of laughing and having a good time. Given your sense of humor, we think this icon is the perfect fit!

Cary Grant
The actor that could be your father is Cary Grant! Grant may be known for his dashing good looks and charismatic personality, but he is also known for his loving attitude and love of life. We think that this gentle giant would be the perfect fit for a gentle soul like yourself.

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