Which Disney Heroine Are You?

These Disney heroines didn't let a challenge stop them from achieving their dreams! If you were a Disney heroine, which one would you be? It's time to find out. Take this quiz and discover which Disney heroine you're really most like!

Question 1/10
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In a word, your friends would describe you as...

Question 2/10
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If you could only have one power, you would choose to...
Be immortal
Read minds
Grant wishes
Stop time

Question 3/10
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How do you currently feel about your life?

Question 4/10
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Your perfect day would always include...
A walk in the woods
A delicious home cooked meal
Spending time with family
A workout
A trip to the beach

Question 5/10
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What's most important to you?
Being successful
Making a difference
Falling in love
Proving my worth
Having fun

Question 6/10
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Which color is your soul?

Question 7/10
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Do you like kids?
Kids are the best!
Kids are okay.
I don't really like kids.

Question 8/10
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What's your biggest weakness?
I'm too trusting.
I overthink.
I'm stubborn.
I handle stress poorly.
I don't think before I act.

Question 9/10
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When it comes to making a decision, do you go with your head or your heart?
I go with my head
I go with my heart
It depends on the day

Question 10/10
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Which would you rather do?
Take a nap
Build a snowman
Bake a cake
Learn to surf

The Disney heroine that you're most like is Elsa from "Frozen!" Much like Elsa, you are a highly elegant and reserved person who is all about protecting what matters most. You're warm, caring, and gentle. You offer a compassionate touch wherever you go, often putting your own feelings aside to help others. Despite your calm demeanor, you can often take criticism to heart.

The Disney heroine that you're most like is Moana! Much like Moana, you are an extremely passionate and headstrong person. When you have a goal in mind, there's nothing that can stop you from achieving it! You're good hearted and inspiring, with a curiosity that can often send you on whirlwind adventures. Though you can often be a bit stubborn, you're always willing to see other's points of view and give everyone a chance!

The Disney heroine that you're most like is Rapunzel! Much like Rapunzel, you pride yourself on being highly intelligent and determined. With a strong sense of compassion, you're known for going out of your way in order to help others. With boundless energy and a strong sense of adventure, you constantly find yourself experiencing the most of what life has to offer.

The Disney heroine that you're most like is Merida! Much like Merida, you're a very free spirited and head strong individual who hates to take direction from other people. With a tomboyish charm and a strong will, you're always willing to step outside of your comfort zone and go where you've never gone before.

Tinker Bell
The Disney heroine that you're most like is Tinker Bell! Much like Tinker Bell, you are a sassy and headstrong woman who knows what she wants. With a crafty sense of ambition and a rebellious attitude, you don't like to play by the rules or take no for an answer. Though you'll do anything for those you love, you're independent at heart!

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