Which Grammy Nominated Song Are You?

If you were a 2017 Grammy nominated song, which one would you be? Would you be fun and upbeat or a little slower in tempo. Take these 10 questions and find out which Grammy nominated song you are!

Question 1/10
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Do you tend to embrace change or avoid it?
I embrace change
I avoid change
It depends on the circumstances

Question 2/10
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Would you describe yourself as a risk taker?
I never take risks
I take risks sometimes
I take risks when necessary

Question 3/10
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Do you ever remain friends with your exes?
Most of the time

Question 4/10
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Do you love yourself?
I'd like to think so
For the most part
Not really

Question 5/10
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What's your favorite accessory?
A good handbag
A smile

Question 6/10
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Where do you most like to belt out music?
In the shower
In the car
While cooking
Wherever I happen to be

Question 7/10
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Do you fall in love pretty easily?

Question 8/10
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How often do you write down your thoughts or aspirations?

Question 9/10
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What's the most important thing in your day to day life?
My family
My friends
My job
My pets
My habits

Question 10/10
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What's your greatest accomplishment in life thus far?
Falling in love
Being vulnerable
Meeting my goals
Graduating college
Fidning self love

"Hello" By Adele

The Grammy nominated song that you are most like is "Hello" by Adele! Much like this song, you prefer the softer side of life. You're not into big productions or drama. You're a straight shooter who's not afraid to tell others what you want or need.

7 Years By Lukas Graham

The Grammy nominated song that you're most like is "7 Years" by Lukas Graham! Much like this song, you're youthful and sensitive. You tend to let your emotions run wild and often don't consider logic as well as you should.

Stressed Out By Twenty One Pilots

The Grammy nominated song that you're most like is "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots! Much like this song, you miss the simple times in your life when your biggest concern was school and playing with your toys. Adulthood is much more stressful!

Alive By Sia

The Grammy nominated song that you're most like is "Alive" by Sia! Much like this song, you've taken everything you've learned in your life and have used it to be brave and embrace every challenge that comes your way. You're beyond resilient!

One Dance By Drake

The Grammy nominated song that you're most like is "One Dance" by Drake! Much like this song, you tend to react to many things with your emotions rather than logic. Fret not, we all do this sometimes. Remember to keep your emotions in check when it matters most!

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