Which Mama’s Family Member Are You?

Mama's Family could have any audience member in stitches within seconds, but do you know which character you're most like? Take these 10 questions and find out which Mama's Family character you are!

Question 1/10
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You just won the lottery. What are you going to do with the money?
Move to Florida
Move to Airzona
Buy jewelry
Buy a house
Quit my job

Question 2/10
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How would you describe yourself in one word?

Question 3/10
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Which quote sounds like something you'd say?
"Wow, my dogs are barking."
"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
"This time you've gone too far!"
"Fool me once, shame on you!"
"When you put your brain and my brain together you get my brain!"

Question 4/10
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Your friend is hosting a pot luck dinner. What can you do to help?
I'll bring my famous casserole
I'll help buy the party supplies
I'll show up and crack a few jokes
I'll bring the music
I'll whip up dessert

Question 5/10
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What kind of shoes are you most likely to wear?
Sneakers (anything sensible)
Orthopedic loafers

Question 6/10
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Choose a room in your Mom's house to live in:
The basement
The attic
My childhood bedroom
The garage
The guest room

Question 7/10
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Which club are you most likely to join?
The Gun Club
The Women's Club
Quilting club
Book club
The Country Club

Question 8/10
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How might others describe you in one word?

Question 9/10
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What kind of food do you crave on a Friday night?
Anything I don't have to cook
Burgers and fries

Question 10/10
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What is your favorite color to wear on the average day?

Thelma Harper (Mama)
The Mama's Family character that you're most like is Thelma Harper! Some might describe you as grumpy or irritable, but we prefer unpredictable. Much like this character, no one ever knows quite what they're going to get.

Eunice Harper Higgins
The Mama's Family character that you're most like is Eunice Harper Higgins! Much like this character, some might describe you as a bit of a grudge holder. While you'll do anything for anyone, you're prone to holding a grudge when they don't immediately return the favor.

Vinton Harper
The Mama's Family character that you're most like is Vinton Harper! Much like Vinton, you're known for your clumsiness and your heart of gold. You always do right by others and try to keep your promises. Though sometimes life gets in the way of being moral, you always try to do the next right thing.

Naomi Harper
The Mama's Family character that you're most like is Naomi Harper! Much like this character, you're always nice to the point of almost being a pushover. Sure, it's great to help others out, but remember not to let yourself be a doormat! You deserve the best.

Ellen Harper
The Mama's Family character that you're most like is Ellen Harper! Much like Ellen, you're sweet, gleeful, and almost full of a naive charm. You always do right by everyone around you, even when it's the difficult thing to do.

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