Which Millennial Stereotype Are You?

Ever wondered which millennial stereotype you are? Ready to find out if you're actually destroying industries and spending too much time on your phone? Take this quiz and find out which stereotype you are!

Question 1/10
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How long were you at your last job?
6 months
1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years

Question 2/10
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How often do you check your phone for notifications?
Every 5 minutes
Every 15 minutes
Every half hour
Every hour
Only when it buzzes or rings.

Question 3/10
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Do you think you'll ever own a home?
I already own one.
Only in my dreams.
Maybe one day.
Who owns houses?

Question 4/10
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What's on your avocado toast?
Sun dried tomatoes
Sesame seeds
Grilled corn
I don't eat avocado toast

Question 5/10
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Do you still live with your parents?
I'd prefer not to answer!

Question 6/10
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How will you pay off your student loans?
Good old fashioned hard work.
Selling my possessions.
Taking on a side job.
Living with 4+ roommates.
Asking mom and dad.

Question 7/10
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How would you find someone to date?
The bar
Through friends

Question 8/10
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Where do you get your news?
Social media
Online apps
None of the above

Question 9/10
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You land your dream job. How many hours a week are you in the office?
Zero, I want to telecommute.
Only half the week, I need flexibility.
40 hours
50 or more hours

Question 10/10
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Have you ever worn leggings as pants?
I'm doing that right now.
I do so on a regular basis.
I never do this.
Only when I'm sick or running errands.

You're A Phone Addict
The millennial stereotype that you're most like is being a phone addict! Instagram, snapchat, text messaging- there's no shortage of distractions to keep you on your phone. While you might spend a bit too much time reading through social media time, you're hardly in addict! In fact, we'd say you're more well informed and cultured because of your phone habits!

You're Lazy.
The millennial stereotype that you're most like is being "very lazy!" So you like a lot of downtime and relaxation? You're so lazy! Just kidding, you believe in achieving a good work/life balance. This means that when you're not hustling for that paycheck, you like so spend time focusing on your happiness and what makes you feel hole.

You're Praise Hungry!
The millennial stereotype that you're most like is being "praise hungry!" Do you need a trophy for every little thing you achieve? Do you crave feedback? While some might call you praise hungry, in reality, you're just accustomed to frequent feedback. You like to know how you're doing so you can improve and be the best you can be. There's nothing long with a little praise!

You're A Job Hopper.
The millennial stereotype that you're most like is being a total "job hopper!" Sure, you might not spend more than a year or two at a given job, but that's not due to lack of loyalty. While you might go from job to job, it's because you realize that it's the fastest way to get promoted and earn yourself a pay bump. We think you're more of a self starter than a job hopper.

You Want To Have It All.
The millennial stereotype that you're most like is that you want to "have it all." Millennials often get a bad wrap for wanting to have a good work/life balance. Much like a millennial you're not afraid to ask for privileges such as telecommuting or transportation benefits. It's not that you're entitled, it's that you crave flexibility and a good home life.

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